Zoë Binetti, aka zozoTransistor experiments with polysensual orchestration as an art form birthed out of the interweaving of body, intellect and feeling.

Where: Casa BARBARA// Espace de Création. Molières sur Cèze, France

When: 26th-29th September, 2024

Deadline for applications: August 30th, 2024

We experiment with polysensual orchestration as an art form birthed out of the interweaving of body, intellect and feeling.
The workshop days will begin with a thorough physical warm-up, Butoh conditionings, and group exercises. On this basis, we then engage in synaesthetic experiments to bring more attention to how our senses perceive and how they interconnect with each other – which largely influences how we perceive and create „reality“.
For example, we will practice an axis between sound, touch and movement.
Through this synaesthetic approach we will allow ourselves, in the three and a half days we spend together, to take a deep dive into the textures, rhythms, ideas, and spaces in between of the beautiful church Casa Barbara and the marvelous surrounding landscape.
From having danced, touched, smelled, and sung our way into relationship with these places, we will create a polysensual performance piece which we will share with each other on Sunday.

This workshop will be movement based and proposes a certain intensity in order to become physically present. All proposed exercises can be modified to make them challenging for you, whether that is by making them bigger, smaller, faster or softer.
Your interest in the topic proposed is more important than any previous experience in butoh, theater or other dance forms, so please feel welcome.

Sensorial Theatre is about shaking out, releasing, deconstructing meaning and reshaping relationships. Maybe this way we can experience a moment of ecstasy and, by creating art, re-imagine our position in the world.
A word about butoh, which forms the basis of my artistic research in Sensorial Theatre:
The way i understand butoh is that as a practice it proposes an intrinsic queering of relationships – starting with the established hierarchies in our own bodies. The way butoh goes about this is by setting the muddiness the murkiness, the ambiguity of the body and its senses into a fierce and vivid conversation with our intellect.
It is this practice which has inspired me to expand the research it proposes into forms that suggest an expansive understanding on what dance might be.

Zoë Binetti, aka zozoTransistor (*1983 Bern Switzerland, performance artist)
explores embodied interfaces between music, touch, dance, light, installation and sculpture. z. holds a Master of Arts in Contemporary Art (CAP) from the Bern University of the Arts (HKB) and has been trained internationally in butoh, physical theater, music improvisation and shiatsu. In 2021, z. was selected for the pIAR residency at the crazinistArtistStudio in Kumasi, Ghana.
2021-2022 z. toured with the solo piece cast(s) – a comic mourning ritual for queer ancestors. z. runs a Youtube channel at an interface between workout tutorial, documentary and video performance and teaches movement-based performance art, butoh and sensorial theater.
Z. is also part of the curatorial team of KREMA, a festival for contemporary arts at the crematorium of Bern.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWJv_n-ziks4AWQalzAbRBg
IG: @_zozotransistor

Dates : September 26th to 29th, 2024. Arrival on morning 26th (possibility of arriving 25th evening). Departure on the afternoon of the 29th (also possible to stay one extra night)
Address: Our headquarter will be the old church of Molières sur Cèze in the beautiful landscapes of the Cevennes where we are currently building, with the help of many friends, a center for creation, residencies and workshops.
Access: nearest airports are Nimes and Avignon. Trains arrive to Nimes and from there to Alès. There are buses from Alès to Molières sur Ceze.
We will exchange addresses of participants to facilitate car-pooling.
Lodging:  12€ per night dormitory in the old church. 9€ in tent or in your own vehicle. Use of all amenities included.
Food: 12 € per day. Communal cooking in rotation.
Workshop fee:  250€
Insurance:It is a prerequisite that each participant has their own health insurance. Make sure to bring a copy on site.You will have to sign a release form before start of the workshop.
Booking: To apply: dadadeando@gmail.com
A 80 € non-refundable enrolment deposit will be asked to confirm your reservation.

an act of alchemical listening
a research into Sensorial Theatre

How to register: dadadeando@gmail.com

Costs for participants: 250€

Contact details: dadadeando@gmail.com

For further information, please visit https://www.instagram.com/_zozotransistor/

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