Sense Appeal – Being, Doing, Saying with Melanie Maar – 4 days workshop in the frame of SommerTanz 2022

Where: Uferstudios Wedding, Berlin, Germany

When: 21.-24.07.2022 // 14:30-17:30

Deadline for applications: 21.07.2022

How does our sense of presence, coherence, dissonance or synchronicity show up in our daily life?

In our visual and language dominated surround, ‘doing and knowing’ seems most valued. In return his workshop offers you a space to slow down and to feel yourself. To melt your brain into your dark body, into the light and back into the scull. What words would we utter through this journey? Can talking through the ‘ass’ yield a welcome truth? Performative awareness and psycho-sensual experience support us in that process. We orient ourselves through guided meditative movements, touch, sense reflection and conjuring ‘timelessness’. Doing less, even doing nothing as a way to open subtle perception and entries into new visions and activity. Together and as we each are in this context, we can play with the constant dying and activating of movements, relations, feelings, thoughts, forms and scenes.

This workshop offers a space to the self-guided dance traveller, whoever you might be, for a slow cruising of ‘not knowing’ and ‘not doing’ as the ground for our actions and exchange. We will literally get close to each other by skin and word. Yet curiosity is all it takes here for exploring the senseable artlife together.

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