Self awareness and contact dance is a contemporary dance workshop open for all amateurs of movement lead by Véronique Laugier. A time to express your imagination, sensibility, creativity and collect tools to dance.

When: January 20th + 21st 2018: 2-5pm


Through improvisation tasks and exercises, we will start with an individual exploration to connect to sensations, find your own balance, center and play with the notions of weight transfers.
I am proposing to the participants to travel between the on and the off balance and search the limits of it in relation to space, musicality, and qualities of movement.
How can then bodies enter into contact?
We will explore in partnering work how to give and receive weight, how to find a common balance and how to find an own freedown with some common bodies restrictions.
From those experimentations will start a work of composition where the participants will create their own common dance.

Venue address:
Hasenheide 9
Gewerbehof – 2nd Courtyard, Aufgang 1, 3. OG
10967 Berlin Kreuzberg
U7 & U8 Hermannplatz

To apply, please send me an e-mail at with your first and last name

Cost for participants

70 €/ 60€ Early bird until Dec 30th, 2017 (date of payment)

For further information, please visit

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