You will explore the performative, narrative and choreographic potential of objects, creating both sculptures and performances that activate them.

Where: Budapest, Hungary

When: March 4 – 22, 2024

One week of somatic experience and repertoire class, to enter slowly into a hybrid world between live art (performance, choreography…) and dead things (objects, sculptures…).

You will either create out of nothing artworks with a sculptural dimension, or you will bring an artwork that you are in the process of creating and develop it further. You will also explore its performative, narrative and choreographic dimension: create protocols, scripts, task-based performances that activate your objects, shifting their status from sculpture to prop and vicaversa.

WEEK 3 (March 18-22): SHOWCASE
You will both curate a performance and choreograph an exhibition, creating a sensitive hybrid space where exhibited sculptures, objects are activated through performances and interactive devices.

WEEK 4 (March 25-29): GROUNDING
5 grounding journal prompts to help you explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a centred way, reconnecting with yourself and finding clarity.

How to apply:

Scroll down to Module 2:
“Sculpture-Theatre and Performing Objects: The performativity of things”

Costs for participants: 1000€

Contact details:

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