The Saison Artist in Residence Online Workshop aims to share the artists’ original dance practices, methods and training with the participating artists and the general public online.

Where: Zoom Online

When: Saturday, 8 January, 2022 “Emoting:[webcam*webcam](^z)” by Zander Porter 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm (JST/UTC+9) A lesson for dancing Imaginary Waltz” by Nanako Matsumoto 6:30 pm – 7:40 pm (JST/UTC+9) *Please check your local time carefully

Deadline for applications: Friday, 7 January, 2022 * Application will be closed when the capacity is reached.

by Zander Porter

Outline: Artist and choreographer Zander Porter invites participants to explore emoting exercises, cyborg mirroring, and replicant identification together through guided instructions around how to feel, move, articulate, and represent face (or “robo-emoted physiognomy”) to each other, to the camera, and through our camera-lenses and computer interfaces. Titled Emoting: [webcam*webcam](^z), the workshop’s exponential “z” variable represents a unique number of participants; our collective “3M0T1NG” is then portraited as a larger, polygonal matrix of selves online. We will aim to together construct this identity matrix under the video-grid architecture of Zoom software, moving through proposals for how to reorient figures/forms like “I,” “other,” “we”/“us,” “you,” and “here”/“when.”

Duration: 45 – 60 minutes
– Please feel and be comfortable showing your face and eyes throughout the Zoom workshop (important/required).
– Please charge and bring with you a personal smartphone (not required).
– Both small/restrictive and large/multiroomed/public spaces will function appropriately for the workshop.
*100 places are available for all ages, bodies, languages, and relationships to “art” or “dance”, until completed

“A lesson for dancing Imaginary Waltz”
by Nanako Matsumoto

Outline: The Imaginary Waltz is the idea and practice of dancing the waltz with someone imaginary. In this workshop, each participant will dance the Imaginary Waltz while listening to a text about someone or something imaginary. After the dance, we will talk about the experience of dancing the Imaginary Waltz. The discussion will focus on how the bodies of each participant experienced the weight imagined by the words. When dancing the Imaginary Waltz, as in the ballroom dancing, it is important to be aware of the movement of the center of gravity on the boundary between the partner and oneself. How do we feel the weight of the partner and dance with it, when the partner is not someone or something that exists within our reach, but someone or something that we imagine from the text? What kind of body and movement emerge from this practice? What kind of relationship do we find in between? Through this project, I want to address the question of how we set boundaries between someone or something imaginary and how we try to cross them, assuming that there is a center of gravity at the boundary.

Duration: 70 minutes
– Please wear comfortable clothes.
– Please prepare enough space for your own body.
– You do not need to have any previous dance experience to take part in the workshop.
*20 places are available for dancers and non-dancers, until completed

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