The Online Workshop by Pijin Neji and He Jin Jang aims to share the artists’ original dance practices, methods and training with the participating artists and the general public online.

Where: Zoom Online

When: Saturday, 15 January, 2022 “Howling” by Pijin Neji 5:00 pm – 6:10 pm (JST/UTC+9) “Weekly Weakly #128” by He Jin Jang 6:40 pm – 8:00 pm (JST/UTC+9) *Please check your local time carefully

Deadline for applications: Friday, 14 January, 2022 * Application will be closed when the capacity is reached.

by Pijin Neji

Outline: Howling is a method of confirming survival. When animals howl, they confirm their companions` survival and at the same time inform their companions of their own survival. The online meeting under the pandemic was like an opportunity to confirm survival. The voice could fly farther than droplets and reach the body. In this workshop, we will have exercises for the performance “Cue”, which are based on the disorder of physical sensation and the transformation of time sensation under the pandemic. And we aim to create howling ensembles to get out of those states and recover ourselves.

Duration: 60 – 70 minutes
Requirement: A space where you can concentrate alone and make a voice. It doesn’t matter the volume of the voice loud or quiet.
*20 places are available for dancers and non-dancers, until completed

“Weekly Weakly #128”
by He Jin Jang

Outline: Weekly Weakly is a weekly laboratory of weakness designed by Korean choreographer He Jin Jang. Every week since August 2019, she has been running a ‘poetic frame of research salon’ where she practices and philosophizes through weakness with fellow artists or alone. This will be the 128th week of Weekly Weakly and the place is open for Saison Foundation Community and others to dive in. This laboratory is a space of practice itself, and sometimes becomes a public workshop/exhibition/performance. Weekly Weakly was shared publicly as the exhibition at ONSU GONG-GAN, as the lecture at the Oil Tank Culture Park, as the workshop at Seoul Dance Center and Sinchon Arts Space in Korea, and as the performance at Movement Research at the Judson Church in the United States. Also, He Jin’s recent two works, the flowing. and You cannot disinvite x-being, have been created inside of this self-organized laboratory. This workshop will realize weakness as a very special state of energy. In Weekly Weakly, weakness is not the opposite of strength, nor a flaw or a blemish. Rather, it is something that permeates all of us. Weakness will become a precarious magic carpet, taking us to ‘strange moments of performance’. Come join to move, talk, write, read, and touch the fragile.

Duration: 80 minutes
Please wear comfortable clothes.
Please make sure to join the workshop in the space where you feel comfortable and safe to move around.
Please bring a cushion or a pillow. If you don’t have any, please bring clothes or towels. Something soft and cushy to touch will be great!
You do not need any previous dance experience to join this workshop.
*20 places are available for dancers and non-dancers, until completed

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