SABOTAGE is a platform for interdisciplinary artists wanting to work with dancers and get a free studio space.

Where: Trinity Laban Students’ Union, Laban Creekside, London, England

When: September 2019 – July 2020

Deadline for applications: ongoing throughout 2019/20

SABOTAGE is a platform for multidisciplinary artists interested in working with dancers, which provides free studio space to experiment and meet new collaborators.
SABOTAGE brings together dancers in training and artists eager to workshop ideas with talented and open-minded people in a supportive environment for free.

What you get as a SABOTAGE artist:
• 1 session of 2-6 hours in a studio at Laban scheduled according to your availability and the availability of the studios, which will be used to workshop ideas that involve dancing bodies.
• An opportunity to meet young dancers and choreographers whose participation in the sessions is voluntary.
We will invite the students and alumni to come to your session by informing them about what you would like to explore with them. Laban students are not only well-trained but also eloquent and imaginative, therefore it is an opportunity to meet potential collaborators.
• Your research being advertised through our channels.

Who can apply to SABOTAGE:
• Artists working in any media who have a desire to work with dancers in order to take their work to a new and unknown direction. We’re especially interested in artists working with music, visual arts, fashion, and digital media, but we’re open to any proposals.
• Choreographers and dance artists who feel like a SABOTAGE session would help them refresh their practice.
• Occasionally, we will accept proposals from scientists who can prove how a SABOTAGE session would be beneficial for both them and the dancers who participate, and how the results of their research would be used ethically.

What we encourage:
• Leading SABOTAGE collaboratively with someone whose work you admire but you never worked together,
• Trusting and respecting the creativity and integrity of the dancers who help you develop your ideas voluntarily,
• Caring for the space you work in,
• Being proper bold and sabotaging whatever it is that you need to sabotage.

SABOTAGE operates solely through the Trinity Laban Student Union, not through Trinity Laban itself, and it is an initiative of the current Dance President Monika Blaszczak. Therefore, we don’t know how long we will be able to run this platform and we highly encourage you to apply ASAP to avoid missing this opportunity.

How to apply: In order to apply, please email with a description of an idea you want to explore and an explanation of what exactly you want to do in your session, and please include your bio and/or examples of your work. Feel free to ask any questions about the platform, either through email or by meeting in person.

Free for participants.

For further information, please visit

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