S-O-B :: Solos, Objects & Biographies Labs, directed by Rafael Alvarez / BODYBUILDERS, is a cycle of three weekend Research and Creation Dance Labs (Paris and Lisbon) focused entirely on exploring/creating/sharing various approaches on the relation between objects, body and biography/identity material. During the 3 autonomous labs, the participants will receive focused movement and composition guidance from the portuguese choreographer Rafael Alvarez to develop and deepen their own personal solo dance material departing from a monochromatic personal collection of previously chosen objects. The final lab will allow the participants to share their experiments in an open lab public presentation exploring a site specific approach to their solo installation projects.

Each lab is organized from a monochromatic logic. Each participant must gather in advance a personal collection of 5 objects (minimum) of a single colour for each lab (free choice), from which will develop the project of research, experimentation and choreographic creation.

The work of each lab is autonomous (it is not a condition to participate in the entire labs cycle). However participants participating in more than 1 lab can continue the work in development. Participation in the final lab + presentation (Lisbon) implies participation in 1 or more of the previous labs.

These labs are open to all – professional and non-professional dancers/performers of all levels, people of all abilities with a motivation and interest in exchange, research and creation process and willing to develop / deepen their work in the field contemporary dance and performance. Students and professionals in the areas of Dance, Theater, Performance and Visual Arts;

Where: Paris (Micandanses studios) and Lisbon


Lab II > Micandanses, Paris

9 June, 17:00 – 21:00 (studio So Schnell)

10 June, 10:00 – 13:00 (studio May B)

Final Lab + Open Lab public presentation > Lisbon

21 and 22 July

There is no deadline however the maximum number of participants for each lab is 20.

How to apply: Send an e-mail with your name and contact, indicating which labs you wish to participate and a small paragraph outlining your movement experience/background and/or interest infollowing this labs to: bodybuilders321@gmail.com


Lab I #Paris > 70€; 60€/Micadanses associate; 50€/student or unemployed;

Lab II #Paris > 70€; 60€/Micadanses associate; 50€/student or unemployed;

Lab I + II #Paris > 120€; 100€/Micadanses associate ; 80€/student or unemployed;

Lab I or II #Paris + Final Lab/Public Presentation #Lisbon > 95€; 85€/Micadanses associate ; 75€/student or unemployed;

Lab I + II #Paris + Final Lab/Public Presentation #Lisbon > 145€; 125€/Micadanses associate; 105€/student or unemployed;

Early bird discount (deposit received before 10th April) > 10€ discount on any lab

For further information, please visit www.bodybuilders.pt

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