Research and Creation Dance Lab Workshop
with Rafael Alvarez / BODYBUILDERS

Where: DOCK 11 Eden, Saal 3, Berlin, Germany

When: 1 – 2 September (Saturday + Sunday), 11:00 – 15:30

Deadline for applications: 27 August

S-O-B :: SOLOS; OBJECTS & BIOGRAPHIES is a workshop lab focused on research, experimentation and choreographic development methods exploring different body-object-movement-space approaches and its relation with work-in-progress identities/biographies/self-portraits (real and fictional). In the intersection of contemporary dance and installation, we will build personal and collective instant composition narratives, scores and landscapes where body and objects play, merge and shape together.

During this 2 days lab directed by the Portuguese choreographer Rafael Alvarez, the participants will be introduced and led to explore individual and collective improvisation and instant composition tools to create their solo ready-made body-object moving landscapes and living sculptures. Following a monochromatic logic, each participant should previously select and bring a personal collection of minimum 5 objects (with only one tone or colour) that will be the base for the work to be developed.

This personal collection of objects can include all type of objects or materials chosen with a clear or specific intention, dramaturgical or conceptual perspective or chosen by a random, intuitive, affective or aesthetic perspective. All shapes, forms, types, sizes, families, natures, species and functions of objects are possible. perspective.

Personal objects, with stories, with memories attached or with an unknown past, traveled or domestic, foreign, housemates, next big thing, wannabes, out of place, detached, useful, exceptional, insignificant, precious, unique, universal, real, fake, natural, artificial, intelligent, superficial, special, odd, common, borrowed, stolen, lost and found, ugly pretty, marvelous, shapeless, plain, virgin, loud, elegant and sophisticated, wearable, naked, raw, eatable, dead, ephemeral, old, brand new, lout of the box, light, heavy, small or out of size, damaged, fragile, exquisite, sad and boring, funny, sexy, in pairs or single, original, pleasant, soft, hardcore, unpleasant, second hand, second heart, sweet, pretentious, recycled, spectacular, amazing, distinguished, magical, loved or desired objects. We will build and travel through cities of humanized objects embodying a world map puzzle of
moving identities.

Open to all – movers with any age or background with interest to develop, research and share creative work on contemporary dance and performance. Professional artists and students from dance, performance or visuals arts and also amateurs from any level.

The first edition of S-O-B Labs was organized in 2017 in Lisbon and Paris.

Artistic direction // Rafael Alvarez
Production // BODYBUILDERS

* the workshop will be conducted in English.

DOCK 11 Eden, Saal 3, BERLIN
1 – 2 September (Saturday + Sunday), 11:00 – 15:30

Fee: 60€
Registration: bodybuilders321@gmail.com

RAFAEL ALVAREZ [Lisbon, Portugal]
Choreographer and performer, set and costume designer, researcher and teacher. His work has been presented since 1997 in Europe, South America and North America, Middle East, Asia and Africa. In the last 20 years, he has investigated and developed in his choreographic processes a plastic dimension of movement and composition, revealing a strong visual component in body-space construction. His work has been distinguished by the creation and interpretation of solos that continue to mark his international touring like his recent solo created in Japan “IN THE RANGE OF A WAVE” (2017) alongside the direction of group pieces like “MIXED FEELINGS” (Culturgest, 2016). He has invested in depth in the relation of Dance with the Community and in the collaborative dimension of the artistic practice of dialogue and intervention with the world. Since 1998 he teaches Contemporary Dance, Improvisation/Composition and Inclusive Dance, developing national / international and community dance and training projects involving people with disabilities, 55plus and seniors, people with Parkinson’s, children, students of artistic and vocational higher education and artists in general. He has directed workshops and labs in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, China, São Tomé and Principe, Russia, Dubai, Brazil, USA and Japan. Integrated Researcher at CHAIA – Center for History of Art and Artistic Research (Portugal). Co-founder of ANKA Inclusive Dance Company of São Tomé and Príncipe. Co-founder and artistic director of BODYBUILDERS.

BODYBUILDERS is a creation, research and production, national and international structure in the field of contemporary dance on the transversality with other disciplines, focusing on the body as a creation-action thinking platform. BODYBUILDERS was founded by the Portuguese choreographer Rafael Alvarez focusing on the production and managing of his work based on a dynamic of partnerships and collaborations with other creators and other arts, production and programming structures in Portugal and abroad. BODYBUILDERS also invests on the intersection of Contemporary Dance with Community Dance developing regular dance training activities involving professional and non-professional dance artists, disabled and non-disabled dancers, 55plus and seniors movers, people with Parkinson’s, children and art university students. It promotes artistic and experimentation practices as a plural space of dialogue, intervention, reflection and questioning betting on an aesthetic, ethical and political dimension of the Body, as an element of transformation / interpellation of the world, agent of paradigm change and realities. BODYBUILDERS – body under construction.

For further information, please visit www.bodybuilders.pt

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