Russian Masters Ballet Summer Intensive (Vaganova Academy Official) officially licenced by Vaganova Academy highly professional ballet summer intensive in Alicante, Spain.

Where: Alicante, Spain

When: 2-23 July, 2023

Deadline for applications: 30 January, 2023

World reference in ballet intensives with top teachers from best educational institutions, such as Vaganova Academy, Eifman Ballet Academy, Mihailovsky & Mariinsky Theatres.

Full info:
Professional Program – intensive training in classical dance based on the original didactics of the Vaganova school of Saint Petersburg. Aimed at students specializing in classical dance. The course offers a comprehensive curriculum developed by the most emblematic representatives of the best institution in the field of professional ballet. This programm officially licensed by Vaganova Academy.

Ballet Classes
Points / Male technique
Classical Repertoire
Pas de Deux
Stars Gala rehearsals

– Ballet Nutrition classes
– Coffee Talk with the invited STAR guests
Conferences and workshops given by invited professionals
– Final Gala of students
– Stars Gala – participation in the exclusive Gala with ballet stars
– Report for parents by appointment (Complejo San Juan)
– Possibility to get scholarship for Russian Masters Ballet Camp 2024 or became RMB Ambassador
– Professional photo report of the course and video recording of Gala-concerts and camp life
– Translation of classes to English
– Free physiotherapy assistance
– Small groups up to 16 students per group

Tatiana Sevostianova (Kvasova) – current teacher and general Methodist of Eifman Ballet Academy
Yuliya Kasenkova – current teacher of Vaganova Academy
Svetlana Ivanova – current teacher of Vaganova Academy
Polina Rassadina – current teacher of Vaganova Academy
Dmitry Shevtsov – current teacher of Eifman Ballet Academy
Alexey Ilyin – current teacher of Vaganova Academy
Elena Kukseva – current teacher of Eifman Ballet Academy
Anna Podlesnaya – current teacher of Eifman Ballet Academy
Svetlana Efimova – graduate teacher of Vaganova Academy
Marianna Krivenko – graduate teacher of Vaganova Academy
Olga Pavlova – graduated teacher of Boilshoi Academy
Anton Valdbauer – contemporary choreographer, former soloist Royal Swedish Ballet
* Due to possible changes in theaters’ and institutions’ schedules, some names may vary.

Students will enjoy master classes and interviews with some of principal artists. Some artists and personalities who used to participate in these meetings are Maria Khoreva, Yolanda Correia, Svetlana Bednenko, Denis Matvienko, Xander Parish, Anna Ol, Polina Semionova, Ivan Vasiliev, Leonid Sarafanov, Olesya Novikova, Ivan Zaytsev.
In order to offer real and unique opportunities to dance students, Organization invites prestigious personalities and Directors of Schools and Companies to view the classes and give real opportunities for the future students and artists.
Russian Masters is proud to count with so prestigious directors and representatives of the leading schools.
* Guests & Artsists to be confirmed

The accommodation is available in a comfortable resort complex Complejo San Juan. Also other camp entertainments are available under the guidance of experienced and friendly counselors.

3 weeks from 2 to 23 of July – 1700 €
You will receive payment details in email.

Airport transfer is available for unaccompanied students only.
Stars Gala – 22 July, 2022. Detailed offer and prices will be confirmed later.
Individual photo sessions – officially confirmed photographers are Carlos Quezada and Antonio Gervasi.

How to apply:

ONLINE AUDITIONS for Access & Scholarships: 14-15 January, 2023

Costs for participants: 500-1700€

Contact details:

For further information, please visit

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