Unique three-day workshop using influences from contemporary dance (flying low, contact, monkey tactics, improvisation), yoga (meditation, chakras) and Qigong movement practice to explore wellness.

Where: Edinburgh, Scotland

When: 27 – 29 July 2018

Tree days of meditation, fight and flight mechanism, chakras and aura, contemporary dance, improvisation, elements and senses…Take a holistic look at your practice – as an individual, a mover and an artist and channelize the untapped potential within… interested? read on! WORKSHOP LEADER:

Aastha Gulati, a dance artist based in India, who in her practice blends aspects of her extensive training in contemporary dance (release-based, flying low, contact work), yoga (Hatha and yin) and spiritual wellness. She is the founder and director of Dhurii, a space for movement and wellness, based in Bangalore, a platform where movement arts and therapeutic practice unite.


• Self meditation and focus (2 hours) – Understanding the body and visualisation work to detect blocks for recurring aches, pains and injuries. We use techniques of Yoga and QiGong to help breathe right and in a way to release these toxins from the body.

• Fight and Flight mechanism (2 hours) – We use movement and music to trigger the flight and fight mechanism that every being is born with. Through improvisation and tasks, we move through space to help us break our dependence on one of these mechanisms in different aspects of our lives.

• Chakras and Aura (2 hours) – This is a session that doesn’t move physically. In these two hours, we will be diving into the world of Chakras and what each Chakra stands for and how does a block in them manifest in the physical body. We will also be doing a reading of the 7 Major Chakras in the body using a crystal pendulum.

• Physical Movement and Catharsis (2 hours) – This module focuses on pure contemporary movement, monkey tactics and routines centred around flying low and falls and rolls, completely working with the body and exhausting it. This is then followed by a 15-minute meditation to channelize the untapped potential of the body.

• Role Play Improvisation (2 hours) – In this section, we move with stories close to life but instead of handling it cognitively, we trigger it through the body with impulses and scores. From contact work to moving in and out of the floor to situations from our day to day life, we will build on being in the moment and observing what the body brings out.

• Five elements, Five senses and You (2 hours) – Our final section of RUH collates into working with the elements of nature and activating the different senses. Initiating movement and routines with a different quality to understand our dominant element and sense that we work out of, followed by tips on how to hone the dormant ones.

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