Creative Dance Residency’s opportunities at The Croft.

Where: Horton Bay, MI, US

When: June 11th – August 20th

Deadline for applications: December 18th 2023

Both Rootstock and RADicle residencies are creative residencies. The residencies vary in length, but are usually between 1 & 2 weeks. We are able to support 3 groups of up to 4 collaborators through out Rootstock residency, and 1 group of up to 4 collaborators for our RADicle residency. Each collaborator receives a $575.00 stipend and up to $500.00 for travel reimbursement. Out Rootstock residency is open to international residents and our RADicle residency is open to US residents. Both residencies give artists time in nature to slow down and delve into the creative process. Our main studio space for artists is an outdoor dance deck.

How to apply:
Apply through our website. For Rootstock apply here:
For RADicle apple here:

Contact details:
To contact The Croft email Benjamin Cheney at

For further information, please visit

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