Riding The Curve Online Video Tutorial get access to the online video tutorial now!

Where: Online

When: Anytime

For the first time, Riding The Curve is now available to all, no matter what time-zone you’re in. After close to a decade of teaching around the world in various schools and companies, Luke Jessop finally decided to create this online tutorial so that everyone can have access to these ideas.

What is Riding The Curve? It’s not a technique, or a method, simply a collection of ideas that have been worked on throughout the years. The main aim is utilise gravity to your advantage. Moving in and out of the floor with ease and trying to find equal potential on all four limbs. Making structures with the back and arms to allow new ways in to the floor that allow the recycling of energy. With these ideas, we can ‘ride the curve’ of our own bodies into the floor giving us momentum to get out of the floor once again.

Built on a series of progressions, this tutorial can open up the door for movement artists of all levels to gain insight into a new way of moving. With easy access to the site, and an affordable price, sign up and get training.

To get access, visit the website www.ion-tribe.com/plans-pricing

Costs for participants: €44.99

Contact details: info@ion-tribe.com

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