RIDA Program is an Intensive Performative Professional DANCE Training in Rome, created by international artists with 20 years of experience in teaching in the contemporary field!

Where: Rome, Italy

When: online audition

Deadline for applications: 31 August 2021

Open to younger dancers between 16-25 years old, it focuses on understanding the technical and creative process of contemporary dance, the program aims to complete the dancers through a learning path that touches various aspects such as research, analysis, technical and artistic performance aspect.

Modern Contemporary Ballet, Floor work, Contact Improvisation, Composition and theoretical lessons such as anatomy, nutrition, history of dance, choreography, dance field orientation and English complete the student to undertake the professional path.

Coaching for dancers throughout the year ensures awareness and goal to become a successful artist.

International guests complete the training by sharing knowledge and experience creating an international environment.

The shows throughout the year guarantee quality by enriching the student in the path of performer.

To apply: Send a solo or an improvisation video with a brief description of your past experience to: lopeandrea@yahoo.it

For further information, please visit www.romeintdanceac.eu

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