A meeting of bodies, minds and the dance, open to all. To deeply restore the balance of being, in a clearing made by a radical, feminist dance movement ‘Sanctuary on the Fault Line’.

Where: Live in Norfolk, UK and Online

When: 20-22 January, 2023

Deadline: December 19 2022

Live in Norfolk, live-streamed around the earth.

Three days of talks, movement classes, meditation, film screenings and time together.  

Led by an alchemic team of dancers, philosophers, yoga teachers, osteopaths, Rolfers, anthropologists and post-activist feelers. Including John Stirk, Hayley J S Matthews, Andrew Sanger, Bayo Akomolafe and Barbara Kane.  

If you come online, we urge you to combat zoom exhaustion, by gathering with friends or colleagues and joining together. Why not register once, and then invite the whole family, rebellion is a welcome, soft, potent currency in these lands, with care and generosity filling the gaps.

We will be slowing down to meet the dance within and without, fortifying our own embodied uniqueness, our strength, length and lightness, finding the power of dynamic movement from letting go and listening in to what meeting other and community could mean for our lives and practices. Acknowledging that dance is a foundational, poetic world building process.

How to register: Registration is through the webpage below.
There is a tier of suggested contributions for the three days, depending on your resources: £150, £105, £220. And an invitation to get in touch and offer what you can if none of these meet your circumstances

Cost: £220-£105 (pay what you can available on request) 

Contact: hayley@ensmebledance.org

For further information, please visit https://www.ensembledance.org/the-dance-of-being

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