Come discover for the first time in Lyon Quan Bui Ngoc, choreographer and dancer of Ballet C de la B.
By questioning the personal identity of human beings in life, theater and dance, Quan Bui Ngoc and the participants will work on the creative process to realize small choreographies for 2 intensive days.

Where: Théâtre Le Croiseur, 4 rue Croix Barret, 69007 Lyon, France

When: 6th and 7th of May 2017 10H00 – 14H30

Deadline for application: 1st of May 2017

During this workshop, Quan Bui Ngoc gives the high physical technical classes and then Quan Bui Ngoc will propose different exercises that will combine the physical approach with the mental approach of the creation of dance material. Gradually and by proposals sometimes simple and sometimes extreme, the dancers will adapt and perhaps arrive at a state where one no longer feels the separation between the real and the unreal, between reality and the situation evoked. By exploring the manipulation and control of emotions, each dancer can find a way to feel unique in her dance

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Costs for participants:

early bird before 9th of April = 90€
after 9th of April = 120€
60€ / day
+ 10€ membership

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