Unique opportunity to experiment Lali Ayguadé’s work in Lyon. The format of the classes is flexible, but the objective is the same: study the concept of transformation through physicality. It’s generally composed of a technical class (warm-up and sequences) to prepare the body and the mind for the class challenges, and after, Lali works with improvisation based on specific tasks and she directs personal and choreographic research aiming at discovering new paths for the physicality.

Where: 44 rue Pierre Delore, 69008 Lyon, France

When: 23.02.2019 – 24.02.2019 (10H30 – 13H30)

Deadline for applications: 21.02.2019

General description
The objective of the workshop is to learn how to use the floor when moving, emphasizing the work on the feet as a base and a support for the movement; identify where the weight is and where to find the freedom in our movements through phrases and improvisations. Also studying rhythm and voice, we investigate how we can reach a theatrical physicality.

Lali Ayguadé was born in Barcelona in 1980. She joined the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona, the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona for dance in 1996 and after a year, decided to train in PARTS (Belgium). In her fourth year, she created the solo “Silence” coached by Wim Vandekeybus.
After her training, she joined Publik Eye Company in Denmark, directed at that time by Carmen Mehnert. In 2003, Lali joined the Akram Khan Company as a full time member .
She has worked with Roberto Olivan (Enclave Dance Company) and with Hofesh Shechter. She also worked with Marcos Morau from La Veronal (Spanish Dance National Award in 2013 as Best Choreographer) and with the contemporary circus company Baró d’ Evel.

In 2005, Lali choreographed “Twice Read” together with the Slovak dancer and choreographer Anton Lachky (one of the founders of Les Slovaks dance collective). Between 2007 and 2009, she choreographed other smaller works with the acrobat and clown Joan Ramon Graell (the director of Circus Association in Barcelona). In 2012, she created the trio “Little Me” with the Korean dancer Young Jin Kim and Joan Català for the Salmon Festival in Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona; and for the Ramon Llull’s anniversary, she created “Encontre” with Joan Català and Jordi Molina. In 2013, she created two short duets: “Incognito” and “Saba”.

In 2015, she created her first full-length work with four performers, “Kokoro”, co-produced by Mercat de les Flors and Temporada, which initiates the trilogy of full-evening dance-theatre works. The following year, she co-created “De Camino al Otro” with the acrobat Julian Sicard.
Lali is currently working on “iU an Mi” co-produced by Mercat de les Flors, Bolzano Danza Festival and Temporada Alta.

If by any reason, beyond the control of either party, the workshop/s set out above are cancelled, exclusively for reasons attributable to the organization, it is the obligation of the organization itself, repay the entire amount paid for participation.
If you cancel, we regret that Resodancer Company cannot make any refunds. Please make sure that you can make the dates.
During the workshop days, Resodancer Company records photo and video material for promotional purposes. The material is used without disclosing any personal data. By registering, the participant consents to this.

To register visit https://www.weezevent.com/reso-workshop-lali-ayguade

Costs for participants: 100€

Contact details: resodancer@gmail.com

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