Contemporary dance workshop with Evangelos Poulinas, greek choreographer and performer for Kassel Staatstheater amongst others.

Where: 44 rue Pierre Delore, 69008, Lyon, France

When: 13 October 2018 ( 14h – 18h)
14 October 2018 ( 10h30 – 14h30)

Deadline for applications: 10th of October 2018


The class starts with mobilizing and stretching exercises and builds gradually up to floor work leading to very physical and dynamic phrases. We will deal with ways we can organize our body so we can be more efficient, faster and smother in moving into and out of the floor. We will use the gravity and the floor as dance partners that can support us and allow us to both bring our body out of balance and propel us to high jumps. In the class, the participants are encouraged to take risks and explore their physicality, and by using their strengths to challenge their weak points.

Evangelos Poulinas obtained his diploma at the Athens State School of Dance. During his education, he performed works of Wim Vandekeybus, Jasmin Vardimon, Konstantinos Rigos, Pascal Rioult, Martha Graham and Jose Limon amongst others.

In 2004 Evangelos directed the dance-for-the-camera “without trace”, which was awarded at the 3 in 3: Short Digital Film Competition, that was held by the British Council. Later on, he joined the State Theater of Northern Greece, where he danced for the new creations of Konstantinos Rigos and Nigel Charnock. Evangelos‘ first choreographing attempt, a site-specific piece or performance at an Athenian house, was produced in 2005. In the autumn of the same year, he was in New York obtaining an MFA in dance at the New York University. Whilst in New York, he presented two of his creations at Dance New Amsterdam and The A.W.A.R.D. Show.

After completion of his studies, he participated as a “danceWEBer” at the Impulstanz festival in Vienna. In 2007 Evangelos joined as a guest the State Theater of Kassel, where he performed choreographische of Johannes Wieland. Next year he joined the Compagnie Linga in Lausanne for the creation of “Kiss Me Good Night”. In 2009 Evangelos returned to Kassel for his third guest contract with the State Theater of Kassel. Later that same year, he participated in the Tanzfaktor Interregio 2009 with his piece “male study”. In 2010 Evangelos was employed by the Marcel Leemann Physical Dance Theater for the production “Revolver”. In the meantime, he was teaching contemporary dance technique and partnering at the SOZO visions in motion (Kassel) and giving workshops in Germany, Greece, Switzerland and Sweden. In 2011 Evangelos returned to Compagnie Linga for the creation “Falling Grace”choreographed by Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo. In 2012 he returned at the State Theater of Kassel under the direction of Johannes Wieland for the creation of ”Orpheus”. Evangelos founded “eleftheri ptosi” in 2013 and created ”metamorfosis” and “Alternative Bodies”, which have been performed in Italy, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. 2012 – 2014 he is at the State Theater of Oldenburg as rehearsal director and trainer. In 2015 and 2016 returned at the State Theater of Kassel for the creation of “AURORA” and “Erzengel”.

In 2016 and 2017 Evangelos joined the teaching faculty of the Bruckner Privatuniversität in Austria

In 2018 he returned at the State Theater of Kassel for the performance “Morgendämmerung”

Costs for participants: 100€

Contact details:

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