The combination of yin yoga and somatic dance, provides a powerful training to dive deep and discover new connections and pathways in our body-mind.

Where: Karuna Retreat Center in Monchique, Algarve, Portugal

When: arrival July 1st Departure July 7th

Deadline for registrations: 20th June

Yin Yoga addresses the deep tissue through the relaxation of the muscle system, generating an intense and deep physical experience, while directing our minds into a state of observation. It works as a wonderful preparation to enter the kinaesthetic experience of exploration and dance improvisation.

Attention will be given on somatic integration, a way of learning and knowing through movement, with a special focus on touch, hands-on and partnering work.

The somatic dance invites and guides you into a deeper connection with your bodily experience by moving with sensitivity and imagination. Developing directly from the physical experience we tap into the world of dance as a language and open up to its power of communication through instant composition practice.

How to apply: Send an email with a short background and motivation

Cost: €550 – all included

Contact details:

For further information, please visit