This is an online movement class to enhance the vitality of your physical, emotional, and environmental wellbeing by becoming relationally more flexible, expansive, and generous. This training intends to stretch your embodied experience through engaging your physical attention.

Where: Digital, On Zoom

When: Wednesdays 10am-12pm PST/1-3pm EST •

In our weekly class, we move to explore the variations of embodiments that knit our being and our worlds in physical integration and intimacy. To do this work, we become comfortable with notions of being that redefine the physical self as a Body Mind, inseparably both. We enhance and practice tactile (touch based) presence. We become flexible and fluid, concentrated and soft and powerful, while both focused and diffuse. We learn from not only what we touch, but how we touch and are touched in return.

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Costs for participants: $20 use per class – class pass available w/ a discount!

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For further information, please visit / @nitalittleci

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