Ravnedans is proud to present our 2017 summer workshop with Kira Kirsch, a Berlin based dance dancer and teacher.

Where: Kristiansand, Norway

When: 9 – 13 of July

SHIFTING PERSPECTIVES – Internal dynamics & body mapping

One of the key feature of the axis syllabus and probably its most remarkable tool is to be able to slice a moment and dissect a movement in order to understand individual alignment of joints, pathways and sequence of body parts, transitions and the kinetic logic of the movement.
In this workshop we will use and practice terminology such as planes and axis, range of motion (ROM), distal vs proximal or rotation vs translation among others. We will practice a reference system that is able to describe internal orientation as we move, allowing for shifting off the vertical orientation and opening a wider spectrum of directions and possible relationships. As in all Axis Syllabus classes, the objective is always to build more awareness and skills in analysis and self-monitoring movement choices and to reach further both physically and intellectually into what is so complex as 3D dynamic coordination.

How to apply

Send and email to ravnedans.tonemartine@gmail.com with your name

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