ProsArt Ballet are seeking dedicated and diverse dancers aged 17-23 for our 2024-2025 training program, ideal for those aspiring to become professionals.

Where: Albi, France

When: July 15th 2024

We are seeking dedicated and diverse professional and pre-professional dancers aged 17-23 for our 2024-2025 training program. This program is ideal for those who aspire to become professional dancers but may not yet have extensive experience. We offer personalized international training with a diverse range of artists, teachers, and choreographers. With a small class size, we ensure that each dancer receives individualized attention, allowing us to customize the program to meet their unique needs and goals. This focused approach prepares dancers for auditions and competitions, providing them with valuable stage and work experience. Additionally, the program includes disciplines that nurture and care for the body.

If you are passionate about dance and seeking a program that will help you reach your professional goals, this is the opportunity for you.

Auditions are open until July 15, 2024.

How to apply:
We invite you to send your CV and video content to

Contact details:
4 Rue Roquelaure, 81000 Albi, FRANCE
Tel. : +33 6 37 56 29 48

For further information, please visit