TWAIN Dance production centre supported by Regione Lazio – Regional Government and Artistic Residency supported by the MiBACT-Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism and Regione Lazio, directed by Loredana Parrella, establishes the first edition of “Twain_direzioniAltre”, a production Award addressed to contemporary dance companies.

Where Ladispoli, Rome, Italy

When: 20, May 2017

Deadline for applications 28, February 2017. Any application received after such deadline will not be accepted. The companies shortlisted for the finals will be notified by 3 April 2017.

Who can participate
All professional contemporary dance choreographers (amateur groups and dance schools are therefore excluded) coming from Italy or from European countries, aged 35 years or under at the deadline of the application (in case of a collaboration, 2/3 of the choreographers must be 35 years old or under).

Eligible projects
This Notice aims to find a contemporary dance project with a maximum of 3 performers on stage, and which has never been presented in its complete form. The finalist projects, presented in their scenic form, must have a minimum duration of 5 minutes and a maximum duration of 15 minutes.

The Award
The winning project will receive from TWAIN Dance production centre and Artistic Residency the following support for 2017:

• Free access to the residency spaces for a total of 20 days (Artistic Residency);
• Accommodation for a maximum of 3 people for 20 days;
• Support from a mentor (director, choreographer, theatre operator etc.) while at the residency;
• EUR 1.000 for every artist of the project (maximum 3 people), a “certificato di agibilità INPS Ex-ENPALS” for the 20 days of Residency is required; if the artists are not represented in Italy  by any  subject that can submit the “certificato di agibilità” please contact Twain for further information.
• The inclusion of a paid performance (preset price for a maximum of EUR 700 + VAT) in the dance programme Stagione Danza Twain 2017.

The finalist projects will have to mention in their credits: “Finalista Premio Twain_direzioniAltre” [Twain_direzioniAltre Award Finalist]. The winning project will have to mention in its credits: “Vincitore Premio Twain_direzioniAltre” [Twain_direzioniAltre Award Winner] and “Con il Sostegno  di Twain – Centro di  Produzione Danza e Residenza Artistica Nazionale” [supported by Twain – Dance Production Centre and National Artistic Residency].
The winning project commits to attend the artistic residency and to debut no later than 31 December 2017, with a performance of at least 30 minutes.

Selection process
All submitted projects will be evaluated at absolute discretion of Twain’s Artistic Direction. After the evaluation, up to 5 finalist projects will be selected and invited to participate to the final event, scheduled on 20 May 2017 at the Auditorium Massimo Freccia in Ladispoli (Rome).  All  applicants  will  perform  in  front  of  an  audience  and  a  jury  of  experts, responsible of selecting the winner of the production award. The companies must present their project in full light, with standard technical conditions and no special effects.
For the final event held on 20 May the companies will be granted – against submission of a regular invoice and of the “agibilità INPS Ex-ENPALS” – a payment of EUR 200 for solos, EUR 300 for duos and EUR 400 for trios.

How to apply
The applicants must send an email at including:
– Application form, filled out in its entirety and signed. Find the application form at the link
– Artistic line of the project (maximum 2 pages);
– CV of the choreographer/s (maximum 2 pages);
– CV of the performers (maximum 2 pages);
– Production credits, and any existing backer;
– Link to a video of the project (YouTube or Vimeo), with a duration of minimum 5 minutes and maximum 15 minutes (this can also be a rehearsal recording);
– Further links to videos of previous projects, if any.
Incomplete or unsigned applications will automatically be rejected.

Contact details
+39 338 2051200

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