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With artistic director Ari Rudenko, in collaboration with paleontologists Dr. Greg Wilson and Dr. Dave Evans

At Meany Hall Performing Arts Center, University of Washington, Seattle, USA (supported by the Bergstrom Award for Art-Science Interface).

Where: Seattle, USA

When: February 3 – March 8, 2018

What is Prehistoric Body Theater?

Prehistoric Body Theater is prehistoric animal dance, staging the 500+ million years long evolutionary odyssey of the Animal Kingdom, portrayed through the visceral biology of the human body in motion.  Prehistoric Body Theater combines influences from Japanese butoh theater and Indonesian traditional/contemporary dance, in combination with a science-based comparative examination of the anatomy, locomotion, and theoretical behaviour of key extinct species featured in the performances.  The workshop series will be lead by artistic director Ari Rudenko and will feature guest appearances by prehistoric mammal paleontologist Dr. Greg Wilson (curator Burke Museum, UW Dep. of Biology) and dinosaur paleontologist Dr. Dave Evans (curator Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto).


GHOSTS of HELL CREEK is a feature Prehistoric Body Theater performance, using the medium of dance to tell the story of the extinction of the last raptor dinosaurs, and the survival of our earliest ancestors, the first primates, during the apocalyptic asteroid impact and mass extinction 66 million years ago.  Check out the trailer for the GHOSTS of HELL CREEK film, featuring an Indonesian ensemble


     Prehistoric Body Lab Workshop Series (drop-ins accepted)
          COST: Free!
          February 3 – March 8, 2018
          Saturdays 3-6: 30 pm in Meany Hall Studio 267, Thursdays 7-9: 00 pm in Meany Hall Studio 266
     Prehistoric Body Theater GHOSTS of HELL CREEK Performance
          Audition Registration Deadline March 1st
          Audition March 10 in Meany Hall Studio 267 (participation in Prehistoric Body Lab, minimum 4 sessions, a prerequisite to audition)
          Rehearsal: Saturdays 3-6: 30 pm in Meany Hall Studio 267, Thursdays 7-9: 00 pm in Meany Hall Studio 266
          Performance May 5-6, 2018, at Meany Studio Theater
          Note: this university grant supported performance does not include a dancer stipend.

Prehistoric Body Theater Website:

To apply, contact Ari Rudenko at (206) 453-8688.  Audition registration deadline March 1st, with minimum attendance of 4 workshops a prerequisite to audition.

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