PERA School of Performing Arts – GAU is holding workshops and auditions in Lisbon & Porto in Portugal, in collaboration with LABarts – Escola de Artes Integradas!

ESMAE – Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo Rua da Alegria 503, 4000-045 Porto PORTUGAL
EADCN – Escola Artística de Dança do Conservatório Nacional R. João Pereira da Rosa 22, 1200-236 Lisbon PORTUGAL

Porto: Workshop: 24 April 2019 Audition: 25 April 2019 Start time: 9:00AM Lisbon: Workshop: 27 April 2019 Audition: 28 April 2019 Start time: 9:00AM

Deadline for applications: 22 April 2019


PERA’s four-year full-time degree program provides an inspirational education environment that enables students to grow as versatile and autonomous contemporary dance artists with highly-tuned technical, creative and performance skills.

Offering a range of contemporary dance techniques and ballet in addition to creative classes and theory, the program aims to stimulate the individuality and growth of each student as highly reflective, expressive, powerful and thinking dancers.

In preparing future dancers for the ever-widening field of contemporary dance, PERA views dance within the broader context of the performing arts, with a prime goal to facilitate a varied and diverse learning experience. In the same spirit, PERA constantly seeks to expand its international network to foster a dynamic and culturally enriched education climate that offers a wide range of training approaches, creative processes and artistic philosophies.

Alongside a distinguished permanent team of teachers, PERA’s Dance BA Program is underpinned by monthly collaborations with highly intriguing and experienced guest artists/teachers from around the world. This intrinsic aspect of the program nourishes the students’ learning experience in a unique way by exposing them to a variety of learning practices, contexts and cultures, with the aim of supporting their development as technically advanced, adaptive and creative dance artists.

A major component of the Dance BA is PERA ID – Intensive Dance Workshop where students work with a number of renowned dance artists and choreographers. The aim of the intensive is to support the ongoing development of students in relation to training, improvisation, composition and the study of repertoire. A source of inspiration, PERA ID encourages both self-reflection and creative exchange as well as nurturing students’ artistic and individual voices.

Furthermore, the study program is designed to build a bridge between school and professional working practice by providing international internship possibilities whilst targeting successful career placements in the field of contemporary dance and creative industries.

For more information about PERA Dance BA please visit: or email

To apply:
Applications must be made through our partners Cristina Pereira and Vasco Macide by sending an email to

Costs for participants:
For the workshops and the audition the costs are as follows:
Workshop and Audition: €40
Workshop only: €30
Audition only: €20

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