Play-Fight Vienna Intensive with Bruno Caverna – Functional Resistance in Survival Coping Mechanisms.

Where: Vienna – Bewusst Sein im Fokus Neubaugasse 44/2/12, Austria

When: 16 – 19 June

Deadline for applications: Early bird spots available till 18th May

Play-Fight Practice is one of the pillars of Formless Arts. The practice weaves physicality with movement philosophy, shedding awareness into the unconscious resistances towards the gravitational force and the pervasive fear of falling (physically and existentially) that appears as an inherent human condition. Tensions and adversities are necessary frictions to spark evolution and growth, however when stagnated, accumulated and suppressed below the conscious radar, it may potentially turn out into traumatic events, the source for a myriad of dysfunctionalities externalized on the body-mind system. The physical drills, orientated in playfulness, focus on recognizing, acknowledging and recycling those harmful lifelong storage of unnecessary hidden tensions and blockages into a self-empowerment cultivation.

16 – 17 June: 9am – 5pm
18 June: 9am – 3pm
19 June: 10am – 6pm
2 hour lunch-break

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Costs for participants: 260-290 EUR

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