Play-Fight Spring Intensive With Bruno Caverna will weave a journey through different exercises, eventually flowing into the free play.
The length of the study gives the opportunity to dig deeper into the core elements of the practice: non-resistance, fall, connection, and directly experience how they fundamentally interrelate.

Where: Vienna – Erderbergstrasse 222A, Austria

When: 19 – 22 April / 11am – 6pm

Focusing on reawakening awareness upon stored unnecessary tensions and dysfunctional patterns of body-mind reactions, we will gradually move beyond the field of mere physicality to embrace all aspects of the being.
Only when able to recognize how much tension we accumulate in our system, by releasing, we can transform the tension into real power.
“Stop doing” allows the body to re-function organically and efficiently, while the mind starts interfering less and less at each step we take.

In the exact moment we stop holding onto something, we expose and become vulnerable creating a space for deep connection, a channel for more honest communication, with ourselves most of all.
Through the other, with the other, we can flow, embrace the challenge, allow confrontation to support the exploration into and beyond our comfort zones, to be able to discover further and further about who we are not.

– falling and gravity practices
– non-resistance embodiment
– structural integrity maintenance
– effortless actions
– connectivity craft
– fears confrontation
– states of play

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Costs for participants: 260€

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