The workshop is for everyone with some sort of physical background and the willingness to take risks and literally throw oneself into the mix.
Kasper Ravnhøj combines physical risk-taking with a sense of play creating in a unique but highly accessible stage language. Constantly challenging the body, working on the edge of the possible, often putting you at physical risk.
Attending a workshop with Kasper Ravnhøj includes elements of improvisation/acting, physical theater, contemporary dance and contact improvisation with an emphasis on flow, flexibility and partner work. He is working with themes and specific physical tasks as motivation for the movement.

Where: Arnhem, The Netherlands

When: 7 + 8 April 2018 / h 14:00-18:00 (both days)

Deadline for applications and payment: 30 March 2018


Kasper Ravnhøj is the Artistic Director of Mute Comp. Physical Theatre. (DK) He is a man in constant motion. He speaks intensely and quickly, stumbling over his words with an almost tangible physical energy, that somehow seem to encapsulate his particular style as a choreographer, dancer and teacher. He has won great acclaim both as a choreographer and as a dancer. His characteristic movement language carries an intense presence, an extreme flexibility and floating limbs that seem able to twist in any direction, even inside out.

To apply, send an email to with a short background explanation and your phone number.

Costs for participants: € 65,-

For further information, please visit or

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