An Intensive Workshop by Carlos Rodero as an introduction to the use of Physical Theatre Techniques focused on performers who base their work on the body and research between borders of different stage languages.

Where: EVIC – Escola Vocacional de Interpretação e Criação [Viana do Castelo, Portugal]

When: May 10th-14th

Deadline for applications: When reached the maximun number of participants [15]

Spring Intensive [2023]
Viana do Castelo, Portugal
A Workshop by Carlos Rodero

EVIC – Escola Vocacional de Interpretação e Criação

GUEST TEACHERS [Masterclass]

butoh dance [Mark Birth] [MD]
body training [Jen Hum] [CA]

PHYSICAL on STAGE is an introduction to the use of Physical Theatre Techniques focused on performers —dancers and choreographers, circus, physical theatre— who base their work on the body.
Those who aspire to transgress the definition of the conventional performance and get into the field of research and experimentation in the borders of different stage languages.

It aims to establish the basis for a physical language training understood as the main driving force for the dramaturgy of a postdramatic staging.
It intends to make the performer aware of his role in the creative process of an inclusive performance. To do this, we offer a guide that can help the performer to explore and develop his initiative and creativity and try to motivate him or her to deepen into his knowledge & experience.

A training based on exercises that generates creative answers from the dancers to concrete scenic issues and explore their skills and limits.
Intend to give extra tools to dancers in order they achieve their own way of understanding how to became a more complete performer.


Wednesday 10th [16,00 to 22,00]
Thursday 11th [10,00 to 17,00 / 20,30-22,00]
Friday 12nd [10,00 to 17,00 / 20,30 to 22,00]
Saturday 13rd [10,00 to 17,00 / 20,30 to 22,00]
Sunday 14th [10,00 to 14,00 / 16,00 to 18,00]

NOTE: This schedule might have some slight changes, we will share a full-definitive program once ready.


We include three masterclasses [butoh dance] which will support and enrich the main guide lines of the workshop.


As a part of MISERO PROSPERO Project’s workshop “Physical on Stage” 3 days morning Butoh Classes by Mark Birth propose the sequence of basic exercises that will return the participants in their bodies, will soften the framework of their Ego and will open their body-mind for unpremeditated image and movement.
Every day we will start to warm up with Yoga Sukshma Vyayama: the set of ancient breathing and stretching techniques from yogic tradition that will reinforce our bodies, remove the blockages and raise the energy level.

From there we will move to “Contact Impro with Butoh Touch” to get acquainted and synchronized not just on the level of names and identities. Several Voice exercises will help us to go over tightness and timidness and expand our presence in the physical space. We will push the limits with “Come, come out naughty boy/girl” and “The Total Yawn” techniques that will evaporate the unconscious resentment and make Kung-Fu Panda a bit of reality in you.
We will be closing the practice with several meditations from Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra and Dead Body Pose with visualizations.

From here Carlos Rodero will be taking over to his training session and continue to prepare you to get Physical on Stage.

MARK BIRTH @markbirthbutoh


Every evening there will be a talk-discussion in a warm cafe on a concret topic related to a non-traditional dramaturgy, besides a chat about the working session of that day.


We will ask all participants to prepare an exercise improvisation to be developed during the workshop and to be shown in a non-conventional open air space in the city, an open session the last day with a guest or casual audience.


Day 1
16,00 – 20,00 Training Session [by Jen Hum & Carlos Rodero]
20,30 – 22,00 [Brainstorming Cafe: The Physical Text]
from 22,00 [Club]
Day 2
10,00 – 13,00 Butoh Dance Masterclass [by Mark Birth] 1
13,00 – 17,00 Training Session [by Jen Hum & Carlos Rodero]
20,30 – 22,00 [Brainstorming Cafe: The Poetics of the Object]
from 22,00 [Club]
Day 3
10,00 – 13,00 Butoh Dance Masterclass [by Mark Birth] 2
13,00 – 17,00 Training Session [by Jen Hum & Carlos Rodero]
20,30 – 22,00 [Brainstorming Cafe: Time and Space]
from 22,00 [Club]
Day 4
10,00 – 13,00 Butoh Dance Masterclass 3 [by Mark Birth]
13,00 – 17,00 Training Session [by Jen Hum & Carlos Rodero]
20,30 – 22,00 [Performance & Discussion]
from 22,00 [Club]
Day 5
10,00 – 14,00 Training Session [by Jen Hum & Carlos Rodero]
16,00 – 18,00 [Presentation and Open Class] with guest audience in a non-conventional space in Viana do Castelo.
from 18,00 [Closure Party]


I. Preparing the Body
II. The Performing Body
III. [Un]masking the Body
IV. The Physical Text
V. The Body and the Object
VI. The Physical and the Audience
VII. Time & Space
VIII. Enriching Tecniques [butoh]


We will accept students or performers who base and inspire their work in the body, movement or physicality [dancers, circus, physical theatre performers], from any part of the world.
In order to work with a certain detail and deepness the maximum of participants will be 14, accepted by a strict order of registrations.


Over the few weeks before the statrting date of the workshop we will be
specifying and adding [more and concrete] information about the programme. Keep tuned!

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Costs for participants: 260 euros

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