Performatic Voice: Pulses, Vibrations and Jolts
A Monographic workshop on the vocal and performative work of Rocío Guzmán.

Where: PAUL Studios, Ziegrastraße 13 12057 Berlin, Germany

When: January 26th & 27th, 10am-4pm

Deadline for applications: January 25th, 2019

In this workshop, we will explore the rhythms and impulses that provoke us to move, to speak, and to sing. We will deepen our understanding of the internal/external rhythms’ influence on us, as well as how they orient us in space, situations, actions and stillness.
The aim of the workshop is to provide tools to develop a brief scenic vocal proposal of performatic vocation which will be presented at the end of the workshop.
Open to all lovers of the performing arts. You do not need any previous singing experience to take part in the workshop.
Bring at least 5 songs learned by heart, bring instruments or pots to make noise or music, bring a personal playlist that moves you to dance, to move, or brings about clear emotions in you. Bring comfortable clothes and costumes of your choosing.

Rocio Guzmán

Rocio Guzmán is a singer and performer from a family of Andalusian musicians. Her study of classical texts in her training as a Graduate in Philosophy, along with the artistic family influence in the arts of flamenco and traditional Andalusian song, initiated her first contact with contemporary dance and physical theatre. This led her to study performance and singing at the Panthé tre and Roy Hart Centre in Paris.
Upon her return to spain, she worked as a director in several of her own stage creations, studied Sephardic music, Arabic and Flamenco influences, and began exploring Latin American Roots, Jazz, Free Improvisation, video creation and composition of stage music for dance. This training and experience led her to take part in international voice projects, as well as groups in the field of Contemporary dance and music. In the last ten years she has begun her solo career with musical and scenic research projects.

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Costs for participants: 80Euro

Contact details:
Phone (open 10:00-18:00): +49 151 541 70245
Address: Ziegrastraße 13 12057 Berlin

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