PERA – School of Performing Arts – GAU is looking for dancers to join its 4 Year Contemporary Dance B.A. or semester based / one year Physical Theatre or semester based / one year contemporary dance programme.

Where: BRAZIL (Sao Paulo), INDIA (Goa), PORTUGAL (Porto), HUNGARY (Budapest), SPAIN (Madrid), FRANCE (Paris), SWITZERLAND (Geneva), BELGIUM (Brussels), ITALY (Rome), ROMANIA (Timisoara), online auditions via Zoom

When: 20 January, 27 January, 9 March, 16 March, 17 March, APRIL(TBC), 27 April, 30 April, 25 May, 8 June, 30 June

Deadline for applications: 13 January, 20 January, 2 March, 9 March, 10 March, 20 April, 23 April, 18 May, 1 June, 23 June

PERA’s Bachelor Degree Program:
PERA’s four year, full-time degree program aims to provide a learning experience that focuses on the technical fundamentals of contemporary dance while stimulating the individuality and growth of each student as an independent and creative artist. The program also places a strong emphasis on combining daily training practice with theory to develop students’ ability to become highly reflective, expressive, powerful, and free-thinking dancers.
The curriculum is diverse and integrated, visualizing dance within the broader context of the performing arts. One aspect of this is that the PERA Dance B.A. program also encompasses current industry-related modalities, including Physical Theater, Site-Specific Performance, Music, and Media Arts, offering students access to different fields of knowledge and artistic possibilities.
Another distinctive element of the program is that through international collaborations undertaken on a monthly basis, it provides students with opportunities to work with a wide range of highly reputed visiting teachers and choreographers. Their varied expertise and artistic visions contribute significantly to broadening the learning experience.
PERA Short program:
This one-semester or one-year, full-time undertaking is suitable for high school graduates, exchange students, and also for postgraduates and established practitioners looking to continue their training and research in an intensive study environment.
PERA Short is designed to encourage a flexible and responsive learning experience. Students are accordingly able to select elective subjects across the two channels of the program as well as join and be integrated with other, school-year students studying in the PERA Dance B.A. program. This provides a further opportunity for the students to adjust their schedule according to their particular interest areas, allowing them greater freedom of access to the broader, interdisciplinary and versatile landscape of knowledge created by PERA’s educational philosophy. Students will consequently have the opportunity to work in close contact with a comprehensive list of resident and visiting teachers/ artists, as well as take part in informal presentations, choreographic showings, annual workshops and site-specific group projects.
PERA Short – Contemporary Dance Strand
The course provides an invaluable stepping stone into a professional context, fostering technical expertise, creative skills and performance experience in order to facilitate the individual’s personal and artistic development, both as a performer and choreographer. The program provides the opportunity to work with internationally acclaimed guest teachers from diverse backgrounds who visit PERA on a monthly basis. Learning is further optimized by engagement with theory and analytical subjects to encourage critical thinking and promote students’ ability to become highly reflective and free-thinking dance artists.
PERA Short – Physical Theatre Strand
Embracing a variety of mediums, several processes are offered on the three fundamental branches of physical theatre: movement, improvisation and co-creation. Instead of a text-centered approach in devising original performance work, the focus is primarily on the body and physicality in building characters and communicating a state of mind or a theatrical idea. Exploring and combining a broad range of movement disciplines, theatrical tools, visual languages and creative domains, the course fosters an intensive and sophisticated learning experience with internationally respected guest teachers from diverse backgrounds who will be visiting PERA on a monthly and semester basis to teach in the course.

How to apply:
More information regarding audition requirements will be shared with you following your application.

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