PERA – School of Performing Arts – GAU is looking for dancers to join its semester based / one year programme.

Deadline for applications: Fall: 20 September 2019, Spring: 10 January 2020

PERA short is an intensive programme that lays the groundwork for further in-depth professional education experience in contemporary dance practice. This one-semester or one-year full-time undertaking is suitable for dance practitioners who wish to foster their technical expertise, creative skills and performance experience to build on their individual and artistic development through rigorous training.

The programme is designed to be flexible and responsive where students are able to adjust their schedule according to their particular areas of interest. In doing so, the students will have the opportunity to work in close contact with all the invited artists and choreographers as well as taking part in annual intensive dance workshops known as PERA ID.

Applications for the FALL 2019/20 semester close on the 20th September 2019, be sure to apply soon!

For more information on how to apply please visit:

or email:

Contact details: Contact details: Sevim Akpinar
Tel: 00 90 5488643511

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