PTO means Passing Through Only.
It is the first one month intensive ever organised witch goes deep into Only Passing Through Practice.

We will practice a full month of Passing through Only, It will be very physical and beyond the technical principal of Passing Through (which are the same of Flying Low), it will be an occasion to express yourself with your full physicality within a super structured group composition.

Where: Catania, Italy

When: 9th September8th October 2017

Deadline for applications: 15th April 2017

Here is how the month is structured:

-3 weeks full time training with David Zambrano including possible special or extra days…or days when we will work flying low or improvisation ( depends on the Master David)

1 last week of ” leave the kids alone
In this last week we will do full time practice of Passing Through with the group on his own leading and following each other

How to apply
application form (only people who already have at least two weeks passing through with David can apply)

Contact details