For the first time in London, Leila McMillan and Luca Braccia will host a Passing Through Jam at Studio Wayne McGregor. The second session will be held on Sat 30th June 2019 from 2-6pm.

Where: Studio Wayne McGregor (Studio 3), London, UK

When: Sunday 30th June 2019, 2pm-6pm

Deadline for applications: Saturday 29th June 2019, 12noon

FreeSpace artists Leila McMillan and Luca Braccia are hosting London’s second Passing Through Jam at Studio Wayne McGregor on 30th June 2019. This session will be between 2 pm – 6 pm and will feature live music curated by Domenico Angarano. The event is realised in collaboration with Julia Testa.

For safety reasons, these sessions welcome dancers experienced in Passing Through only. All participants must know the various Passing Through systems and rules (learned either directly through David Zambrano or other Passing Through training) as there will be no teaching and no fee.

Registration prior is necessary as there’s limited capacity.

These sessions are held from 14:00 to 18:00, starting with 30 minutes of warming up and finishing with 30 minutes of warming down. We will practice, pass through and dance together!

Passing Through is an improvisation technique working with Zambrano’s philosophy that movement needs no leader in creation. Specifically working with adaptation, interconnecting with everyone and the room at all times, transforming the environment of the dance. We work to see the room full of pathways – infinite pathways passing through the walls, the floor and the bodies. Thus the passing through is created into a wild spontaneous composition.
Photography by Fernanda Lourenco Rudmer.

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Leila McMillan and BARBERDANCE / lucabraccia&Co. are supported by Studio Wayne McGregor through the FreeSpace Programme. The project is proposed as part of the barter activities for the continuing professional development of the dance community members and FreeSpace artists.

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Participation is free of charge.

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