Come and join this playful PARTNERING WORKSHOP with Clémentine Télésfort and Lisard Tranis from the 6th to the 10th of December, 2021 at nunArt Guinardó, Barcelona.

Where: nunArt Guinardó, Barcelona, Spain

When: 6-10 of December, 2021 // Monday to Friday // 10 -14 h

Deadline for applications: 5th of December, 2021

Since 2017 Lisard (CAT) and Clémentine (FR) have been developing a shared practice influenced by their various encounters and experiences in international companies such as Guy Nader & Maria Campos or Lali Ayguadé. From there, they began facilitating workshops for professional dance and circus artists and are regularly invited to conduct seminars at institutions and professional training programs.

The workshop is aimed at people from all disciplines interested in expanding their partnering experience and perfecting their ability to connect and listen to others.

We invite participants to investigate four main aspects of our practice as artists: sensitivity, control, availability, and creative adaptation. The class will address the efficiency of movement, the quality of reading the other’s movement and the search for a balance between the intentions and the outcomes of our shared exploration. We will offer several tools that will help to deepen the understanding of the fundamental principles used in partner work, such as: sharing and transferring weight, generating and using momentum, dealing with changes in direction, speed and levels, economizing on force and differentiating it from potency, cultivating confidence and security in shared and balanced roles. We wish to share tools that allow participants to investigate their own original movement and challenge their practice as artists beyond technical limitations. We are interested in the quality of the relationships we cultivate with ourselves and with others, forming a sensitive and receptive body that can unleash our imagination and support our performative state.

Original image: Maria Alzamora

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Costs for participants: 175 euros

Contact details:
nunArt Guinardó
carrer del Telègraf, 67, 08041, Barcelona, Spain

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