Myrto Farmaki is looking for a male dance theatre performer to participate in our 30min project 25’ by 25’ that will be presented at the Welcome Collection on the 10th of May 2019 as an event parallel to their current exhibition Smoke and Mirrors: The psychology of Magic.

Where: Welcome Collection, London, UK

When: 10th of May

Deadline for applications: 17th of April

25’ by 25’ is a spoken word and dance live performance exploring the mediumship of Margery Crandon – developing aspects of her numerous roles: as a woman, medium, mother, wife and psychic channel for her deceased brother Walter. Using transcripts from Margery’s séances alongside other archival, photographic, sonic, interview and performative material, the performance exorcises the and ambiguities of Margery’s mediumship. It will provide an opportunity to listen to and share her various extraordinary claims, materialisations and channel for the voice of Walter – with performed dance, sound and readings developed from key documents and testimony.

The piece is part of Myrto Farmakis (director) wider research in film, sound and performance work interrogating the notion of hauntology, where screen, voice and movement study the notion of another within, and ideas on cinema and psychoanalysis in combination as the ‘science of ghosts’.

Rehearsals & Development Meetings: 6, within April and begging of May
Payment: £300
Casting dates: 14, 16 and 18 of April (London)
Event Day: 10th of May 2019
Venue: Welcome Collection

To register, please send us an email at with details about your work and background, images and if possible videos from previous performances.

£300 Paid Role

Contact details: Myrto Farmaki

For further information, please visit or

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