The PADHA program has been created specifically for the dance generations who are seeking to find a deeper training and practice in dance that integrates the body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Where: Guatemala, Mexico, Greece

When: 16 March 2025 – 1st January 2026

Deadline for applications: Till places are fully booked (12 maximum)

The PADHA program is designed to teach and transmit to dance artists contemporary dance techniques, choreography & performance, with an emphasis in embodiment, integration, healing, and meditation.

• Dance:  Contemporary, Improvisation, Ballet, Somatics, Experiential Anatomy, Bartenieff Fundamentals.
• Choreography: Composition, Dramaturgy, Choreology, Choreoritual.
• Performance: Repertoire, Performance & Theatre Studies, Interpretation
• Healing: Yoga, Qigong, Craniosacral, Thai – Abdominal & Deep Tissue Massage, Breathwork.
• Meditation: Mindfulness, Movement Meditation, Yin & Yang Balance, Vipassana.
• Teaching: Teachers Training Courses with an emphasis on teaching techniques and methodologies in Dance & Healing.

You will be part in Festivals, Teachers Training Courses, Choreographies, and Performances by established international choreographers.

PADHA program will allow you to meet new cultures and offer you the opportunity to learn, grow, express, and transform.

How to apply:
Send via email:
*Short Bio
*Motivation Letter
*Video with 2-5 mins improvisation and technique

Costs for participants: 6150 – 4150 EUR (Scholarships up to 2000 EUR)

Contact details:

For further information, please visit