PACAP – Advanced Programme Of Creation in Performing Arts

Edition 1 – 25 September 2017 to 20 March 2018
Monday-Friday, 10h00-17h00

Where: Portugal


PACAP was designed for creators or groups of creators who are in the prepping phase of new projects. In Edition 1 of PACAP, which will last for 6 months, there will be given space, time and the presence of diverse national and international artists and thinkers, who will nurture, rattle, as well as follow these creative processes.

In the final stage of this ongoing creation/formation process which is PACAP, Forum Dança ensures the presentation of some of the created works in Lisbon and in other cities in Portugal (TAGV/Coimbra e Teatro Viriato/Viseu).​

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE, please see how to apply. Following its mission, Forum Dança created PACAP – Advanced Programme of Creation in Performing Arts.

PACAP is a training/creation programme geared towards students and professionals in artistic areas, who intend to invest in a period of advanced experimentation, harmonizing it with a theoretical investigation and the exercise of body and movement practices.

The participants will have the opportunity to develop a project, working for a certain time on a potential space of content condensation that will promote investigation, creation, and public presentation.

The programme will combine body practice classes, theoretical seminars led by artists and academics, and coaching, aiming to activate the participant’s resources, feed their processes, and allow an opportunity to test methods and discover paradigms, forms of collaboration and presentation, that configure a sketch of personal practice in the field of performing arts.

Each edition of the programme will have a duration of 4 to 6 months, and will have the curatorship of an artist of the performative field, going back to the root of the concept of Curator as one that cares, maintains and transmits a live heritage.

The request Forum Dança poses to the Curator, is that they design a programme they would enjoy attending, like a personal dream that could come true, corresponding to the need to offer the ideal content in connection to contemporaneity.

This way, PACAP requires from the participants a compromise facing the Curator’s proposal. In this model, the exercise of maturity, of autonomy, and of a sense of self questioning, will be the values that will allow to guide an enlightened personal journey, based on a leveling and sharing relationship.

The team integrates relevant artists and researchers in contemporary performing arts, including creators with connection and hybridization with other artistic areas. It is intended to make the relationship of art with knowledge and the world come alive. Through a permanent reflection about the conditions of creation and artistic production and the social and political conditions, we will promote a reflection on the role of art in the present and future.


This programme’s first module, which runs for six months, will put the creative process under the microscope. I, along with several accomplices, will consider the act of artistic creation and the relationship between a performed piece, its audience and creators. The aim is to gain a better understanding, through practice and reflection, of what an artist’s ‘voice’ consists of; how much that ‘voice’ reflects the daily dialogue our bodies establish with the wider world; how this ‘voice’, like a ghostly body, occupies a privileged ‘space’ in which invisible forces, those that motivate and move us in certain directions to the detriment of others, become manifest, and thus present in every piece.

Aims and objectives:
– acquire research material and produce solo and duo artistic creative projects;
– experiment with different work methodologies, seeking individual artistic languages;
– develop the capacity to initiate a project, plan it and carry it through to its conclusion;
– develop the capacity to discuss a personal project in all its different aesthetic, political and ethical dimensions, and at different phases of execution and preparation;
– create a solo or duo piece, from the pre-production stage through to presentation and postproduction;
– engage with the fundamental questions of contemporary dramaturgy, thematic philosophical principals, and issues of aesthetics and politics in relation to art;
– seek an individual voice, a personal language and an individual path, within a determined, overarching
artistic affinity.​

Dora Carvalho​

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Ann Brosens, Inês Nogueira, João dos Santos Martins, Louise Chardon, Peter Michael Dietz, Sofia Dias, Vânia Rovisco

Research and Creation
Patrícia Portela

Patrícia Portela com João dos Santos Martins, Sofia Dias e Vítor Roriz, Vânia Rovisco

António Guerreiro, João Tabarra

João Fiadeiro, Thiago Arrais

Francisco Frazão, Gonçalo M. Tavares, Leonardo Simões

Conference and feedback week
Christopher Townsend, Fernando Matos de Oliveira, João Tabarra, Maria Sequeira Mendes, Nicolas de Warren, Thiago Arrais

Technical workshops
Adriana Sá, Carlos Ramos, Leonardo Simões


Helena Serra

Other teachers / artists to confirm soon.


Presentations in Lisbo​n, in locations to be decided, according to the characteristics of the participant’s works.


In the end of March, begin of April, presentations at TAGV – Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente (Coimbra) and Teatro Viriato (Viseu).


(Number of vacancies: 14)

– Professionals in artistic areas, willing to develop ideas/projects in the performing arts area (in the broad sense);
– People with advanced training on the areas of performing arts or visual and digital arts, with a strong interest for the use of movement or body in space, in the broad sense.
– Participants with courses in other scientific, social and/or human areas, that intend to apply their scientific, philosophic, literary, or other kind of knowledge in the area of performing arts in the broad sense, and that are available to follow along technical classes of body, voice, and improvisation in the measure of their technical and creative abilities.
– Applications can be individual or presented in collectives, duets or trios.

Send CV + motivation letter, stating the candidate’s objectives during the programme + presentation of a work already developed or in progress + 1 paragraph about a piece of writing considered interesting (free theme) and of a work that impressed them.

– Presentation of the project to be developed during the course (orally, in performance form, or in a video presentation)
– Interview​

25 September 2017 to 20 March 2018 (Pause from 17 December 2017 to 2 January 2018)
Monday-Friday, 10h00-17h00




Audition: 20€

Registration (after selection): 60€

Payment in full: 1800€ (until 4 September)

Payment in two instalments: 940€ x 2 (until 4 September and 1 December)

Payment in three instalments: 680€ x 3 (until 4 September, 4 November and 4 January)


Some scholarships are available for attending PACAP.

Attribution criteria: Artistic quality and consistency of the project to be developed + Financial need.

Required elements: Statement of the financial condition of the candidate(s) and effort rate for

paying PACAP.

For further information, please visit

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