Educational path for Performers led by Eliana Stragapede (Peeping Tom), Borna Babić (Ultima Vez), Chiara Michelini and Andrea Pangallo.

Where: Centeno (VT, Italy)

When: From 10th to 31st of July 2023

Artistic Residency for Performer’s Education
From 10th to 31st of July 2023
Tuscia (VT, Italy)

The project is spread over 21 days of education divided up into the following workshops:

Dance Theatre workshop led by Chiara Michelini
from 11th to 15th of July 2023

Exploration of physical meanings and narratives of the body
Workshop led by Eliana Stragapede (Peeping Tom) and Borna Babić (Ultima Vez)
from 16th to 19th of July 2023

Dialogue between expressive tools
Workshop led by Sofia Guidi and Valerio Leoni
from 20th to 22nd of July 2023

Actorial inner dramaturgy workshop led by Andrea Pangallo
from 24th to 30st of July 2023

The project is addressed to actors, dancers and performers, both students and practitioners. The maximum number of participants is 16. The selections will give priority to applicants who want to join the full project. Applications are also open for each individual workshop.

Out Academy aims to create an international network where performers, pedagogues and practitioners from various fields of performance, as well as from different countries and institutions, can meet the new generation of artists and students and share their practices in a confidential, immersive and natural environment.

The framework of the project gives each workshop the space for physical, vocal and textual training, in a common path.

ACTIONS expressed in bodies, impressed in thoughts.

This is the main theme of the IV edition of Out Academy.
The training programme turns its attention to the study and development of the communication between visible and invisible actions on stage, focusing on their dualism and balance during a creative process or an educational path. The goal is to create a place for exploring thoughts and imagination in their connection with the actual physical actions that happen in the practice.
Students are invited to experience the movement and the expression of the body in the external space but also, on the other hand, the hidden, implied work, which draws the emotional landscape and belongs to the inner personal space.

How to apply / register:

Send an e-mail to (object: “name surname outacademy 2023”) with the following attachments:

– Curriculum Vitae
– One photo
– Short Motivational Letter (max 10 lines)

Costs for participants: 950 euro for the full project (It’s possible to apply also for single workshops)

Contact details:


For further information, please visit