Share your story of absence and participate in the performance exhibition ‘You are where I am not and I am where you are not’.

Where: NDSM Fuse, Amsterdam

When: July 2020

Deadline for applications: 04.05.2020

How do we encounter a body that is not here? How do we touch one another without touching one another’s skin?

We are both dance-artists working in the field of choreography and performance. Within the frame of an upcoming performance exhibition at NDSM Fuse/ Amsterdam and in collaboration with the Over Het Ij Festival Amsterdam North we are collecting stories of absence. The stories will not be manipulated by us but rather serve as a narrative landscape to the exhibition. They will be put in dialogue with the research we have been doing and the material we have been creating together. Our interest is to enfold ways of presenting different narratives on the topic of absence, presence and their interrelatedness through spoken and written text, movement and performance.

To participate in the project you can either:

Write a letter to an absent other – the letter can be written in any language and should be no more than one page.
Create an audio recording of you telling a story of absence – the story can be told in any language and should be no longer than 2 minutes.
If you wish to express your story of absence in another form, e.g. a movement video, feel free to do so but limit it to no longer than 1 minute.

Allow the following questions to stimulate your thoughts/imagination:

How do you encounter a body/person that is not there? And what do you share/imagine of the other?
How can you touch one another w/o touching one another’s skin?
How can the reality of the absent other pass into bodily sensation?
How does your imagination of the other create a presence for you?

When: Please send your material by May 4th, 2020 to

Unfortunately, we cannot financially compensate your contribution. However, as a token of our appreciation, you will each receive either a digital or printed copy of an archival artist booklet from the exhibition. With your consent, we would also announce the exhibition on our website and name all the participants involved.

For further information to the project and to the participation in the exhibition have a look at the Open Call published on our website:

We are looking forward to your contributions!
Sabrina Huth und Ilana Reynolds

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