Tanzpunkt Hannover e.V. will award three one – week residencies this year to contemporary dance artists with a solo choreographic work.

Where: Hannover, Germany

When: The designated time period for the three one – week residencies will be August 1 to August 21, 2022.

Deadline for applications: Deadline for applications is June 19, 2022

Topics can be freely selected, prerequisite is a minimum of one year previous professional experience.

As invited resident dancer you will be asked to offer one class to the local dance community. You can freely choose the structure and topic focus of the class (e.g. an improvisation class on your own research topic, a repertoire class on your own material or the testing of ideas on new material with several dancers). In addition, you will have the opportunity to show some work in progress developed during the residency at an open stage in Hanover or surroundings.

We look forward to open applicants (m/f/d) who are interested in getting to know the Tanzpunkt community in Hanover and making new contacts in addition to their choreographic work.

The designated time period will be one of the following three weeks:
August 1 to 7, 2022
August 8 to 14, 2022
August 15 to 21, 2022

Our services:

• Dance studio/studio stage for free use during one week.
• Free accommodation for the invited dancer / choreographer (apartment for one person).
• Travel expenses of up to 90 Euros per person.
• Dancer’s subsidy of 570 Euros per week each.
• A wonderful local dance community looking forward to meeting you!

Please only apply if a total of 90€ travel costs are enough considering your current place of residence.
We can not invite duets or groups this year.

The residencies are funded by the Ministerium der Wissenschaft und Kultur Niedersachsen.
Photos by Peter Hoffmann – Schoenborn during a performance by Laure – Anne Segers.

How to apply: Required application documents:

An email in which you briefly describe your motivation, e.g. how the residency at Tanzpunkt Hanover would benefit your professional and artistic career.

A video link to a video of max. 5 min (only Youtube and Vimeo will be considered). The video should include already existing material of your research topic, if available, otherwise improvisation – material on the topic or previous choreographic material.

One electronic file (PDF format) including the following documents:

• Description of the project/concept (max. 1 page)
• Curriculum vitae (CV)

Contact details: Please send your application documents by email to: residency@tanzpunkthannover.de.

Important: Please note your preferred week of residency and name in the subject line of your email as follows:

For Aug. 1 to 7, 2022: subject line “WEEK 1, full name”
For Aug. 8 to 14, 2022: subject line “WEEK 2, full name”
For Aug. 15 to 21, 2022: subject line “WEEK 3, full name”

If you are flexible during the whole period: subject line “FLEXIBLE, full name”.

Please find more information about Tanzpunkt Hannover e.V. here: www.tanzpunkthannover.de or on Instagram: www.instagram.com/tanz.hannover/.