Marta Worner is looking for a male presenting (mime, physical theatre or movement) performer based in the Netherlands for my next choreographic project, Dark Grey Almost Black (2023-2024). For that, she will host a workshop/audition on the 13th of March.

Where: Teilingerstraat 120, 3032 AW Rotterdam, the Netherlands

When: 13th March 23′ from 10.00 to 17.00h

Deadline for applications: 11th March 23′

Dear performing artists,
I am looking for a male presenting performer (M/X) for my next choreographic project, ‘Dark Grey Almost Black’ (2023-2024).

About myself
My name is Marta Wörner, I am a Rotterdam-based movement artist.

I am fascinated by the kinetics of the body and its relation to the sensorial experience of space. My research is located within the borders of the dance field and its interaction with fields like audiovisual art, architecture and philosophy.

As a choreographer, I am seeking expressive and artistic languages that can evolve from the interaction and mixture of different art fields and formats. I aim to create vocabularies that entail a transdisciplinary language. Throughout my career, I have combined contemporary dance and audio-visual work such as projections and soundscapes for my performances, which are often site-specific.

The end results of my artistic adventures fall into diverse categories of art media like site-specific movement performances, DJ sets, choreographed installations, choreographic films and booklets.

My practice relays on principles like collaboration, experimentation and translation.

About the project
Dark grey almost black is an immersive, site-specific and interdisciplinary movement performance. It uses choreographic tasks, a DJ set and light.

I translate the physicality of the scenes I witnessed in the Dutch young clubbing nightlife to my own movement vocabulary.

Subtle dance interventions emerge from and melt into a nightclub experience.

LINK to relatable practice:

This project is in an emerging/experimental phase.

Working conditions
We offer
-Rich and inspiring ground to collaborate and develop artistic research from a multidisciplinary perspective.
-Good communication and a professional and playful working atmosphere.
-Fair pay, in accordance with the CAO
-The possibility to engage in an emerging long-term project

We ask for
-Experience as a contemporary mime, physical theatre or dance performer. No academic education is needed.
-Base in the Netherlands, preferably not farther than 1 hour’s travelling distance from Rotterdam.
-Ability to propose movement material through task-based guidance.
-Willingness to research and perform in non-conventional environments.
-Eagerness to engage with experimental means of aesthetic and movement research.
-Good communication skills and willingness for teamwork.
-Male presenting (M/X) performer. We prefer performers looking over 26.
-Experience or ease in working with subtle, minimalist, slow-motion, articulated and/or detailed moment qualities is a plus.
-Availability on the 20th of March and (especially) on the 11th and 14th of April 23’ and some rehearsal dates (to be discussed) between:

13th March – 13th April, June: 5th – 10th, July: 10th – 15th, Sep: 4th – 8th, 10th, October 9th– 14th

To apply
There will be an audition workshop on the 13th of March from 10.00 to 17.00 at Time Window, Teilingerstraat 120, 3032 AW Rotterdam.

To participate, please, send the following information to before the 9th of March.
Brief motivation (max half a page)
Cv or Bio
No video is needed but if you cannot attend the workshop, you can also send a video of 5-10 minutes of an old performance or improvisation of the sequence (free to interpretation) ‘Lining on a wall: very very very slow (try it once the slowest you can and then make it five times slower) falling of your left hip till the end of your balance and sudden rise to the begging position.’ Please, have in mind that people who attend the workshop will have more time to be considered, so if you can, please, come by.

I encourage you to apply even if you do not meet all the conditions and I am looking forward to meeting you.

Contact details:

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