Flow Art Direction are looking for performances (solo/duo) connected with different art forms, from acting, to live music.

Where: Bergamo, Italy

When: 29.02.2020

Deadline for applications: 07.02.2020

We are looking for artists (solo/duo) who want to present their work in an intimate space, where it is allowed to experiment and to connect different art forms.
We are looking for performances in which everything is connected, not only dance but also live music, painting, acting and whatever you feel adds value to your performance.

The selected dancers will get the opportunity to win a residency at the Seesaw House, a structure in the north of Italy, Riva del Garda. This space is offered by the manager Veronica Boinotti, director of the Seesaw Dance Company. 

Further on they will be able to get more information about the Flow Community, a group of professionals and dancers who collaborate to support freelance artists. 

To apply, please send us your cv, short description of the concept and a video link (rehearsal/stage)

Contact details:
Email: flow.artdirection@gmail.com

For further information, please visit https://flowartdirection.com

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