We are looking for female identifying or non-binary dancers (of any age, body shape, abled or disabled), who are interested in talking openly about their relationship to their body for an interview, as well as collaborating to develop performative material for film.

Where: studioNAXOS, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

When: August-Oktober 2022 (ca. 5 paid working days)

Deadline for applications: 26.06.2022


What stories do dancer’s bodies tell?
For us dancers, our bodies are our instruments. How we train, what kind of food we eat, how much sleep we get, besides the course of natural biological processes (like aging, menstruation, pregnancy or other hormonal changes) have significant impacts on our daily work.
We want to reflect on this reality of dancer’s lives and thus participate in a critical discourse about body norms inside as well as outside of the dance scene.
In order to provide a safer space for this intimate topic, we will conduct individual interviews with each dancer participating in the project, on the basis of which we will jointly conceptualize and record a short dance/performative video, presenting diverse experiences through specific personal perspectives. The filmed sequences will each stand on their own, as well as be part of a longer film presenting all participants. The videos will be published online at the end of the year, both individually and as a cohesive work.
We are happy to discuss more details and answer any question in an individual introduction meeting.


Several female identifying or non-binary professional dancers who have, or are, dealing with their relationship to their body, to nutrition and to daily training routines, and are open to talking about these experiences, as well as to integrate them in an artistic creation.


• around 5 paid working days in Frankfurt am Main (dates to be individually arranged, between August and October 2022) for each participating dancer
• a sensitive approach to the topics of dance, nutrition, body awareness and training
• transparent, open communication
• collaborative creation process
• (at the end of the project) a film-dance portrait of each dancer


• Gal Fefferman (dancer and choreographer)
• Katelyn Skelly (choreographer and dance scientist )
• Denislav Kanev and Zachary Chant / De-Da Productions (dancers and video artists)
• Julia Hagen (dance and theater dramaturg)
• Anna Bolender (Production manager, dancer, choreographer)
• studioNAXOS (collaborating and producing theater in Frankfurt)

Each one of us brings their own experience dealing with body image, nutrition and training, and we are all excited for the exchange with you.

How to apply: WE NEED

• a few sentences describing why you would like to participate (1000 signs max.)
• available video material of your work (ca. 2-3 short reels)
• your CV

By June 26th 2022

to: hungryhungryhungry@web.de

For further information, please visit https://www.galfefferman.com/hungry

For more OPEN CALLS, please visit https://dancingopportunities.com/category/open-calls/