Open call for dancers/movers/performers for graduation pieces of the 4th year choreography students from Fontys Academy of The Arts.

Where: Online (video material)

When: Application open from February 1st, 2024 until March 1st, 2024

Deadline for applications: March 1st, 2024

This Open Call is for performers who are looking for a paid job/internship and are also interested in working with students from the Bachelor of Choreography (BaCh) at Fontys Academy of the Arts (FAA). It is for people preferably based in The Netherlands, however, we are also open for people who are willing to travel. The rehearsal period is from April until beginning of June, which will end with 2 performances. The performances will take place on June 7th and 8th at De Nieuwe Vorst Theatre in Tilburg, The Netherlands. The location of the rehearsals will be decided once the performers are chosen, as we, the BaCh4 students, have to look for spaces outside of the Fontys building. This means that we will also take into account where the performers are based and will look for a solution that will work best for both sides. Below you can read our bios and what we are looking for so that you can get a better image of who we are and what kind of work we create:

Olga Balińska
My name is Olga Balińska, I am 22 years old and I come from Poland. Since 2020 I am based in The Netherlands, where I am pursuing dance studies at Fontys. In the first two years I did Dance Academy in the Contemporary Urban profile and in the 3rd year I switched to Bachelor of Choreography. As a maker, and also a performer, I am interested in movement that derives from feelings or an emotional state. This means that I do not work with any specific style or form, I work with the movement that emerges in your body when you truly connect to how you are feeling. For me the performer is not only about performing the movements and the emotions, I want the performer to become it. Honesty, authenticity and the ability to truly express emotions through movement is what plays an important role in my pieces. The emotions which my performances revolve around are fear, despair, grief or uncertainty, to name a few, as my work is always about some kind of struggle or pain I went or I am currently going though. I always share personal stories and the audience is there to simply witness it. Furthermore, I get a lot of inspiration from daily movements and gestures, many times also analyzing my own movements when feeling something. Besides that, connection between the movements and the sound is crucial for me. I am interested in electronic and minimal sounds, daily sounds as well as the possibilities of the voice (from more recent research). The sound is not necessarily there to dictate, it’s there to create an atmosphere and to help the performer reach the emotional states.
        For my graduation piece I want to specifically portray the struggle that I am currently dealing with, which is certain issue regarding my eyes. My most recent solo piece was my first step into researching this topic. My performer had their eyes closed throughout the whole performance as the main aspect of the research was to see how can one orientate themselves in space when they can’t see and how does the body behavior change and react when it can’t relay on the sense of vision.

I am looking for 1 performer (f/m/x) who:
– Is interested and not afraid of going into the emotions such as pain, fear, uncertainty and using it as a fuel and starting point for the movement
– Is open to research and perform abstract movements as well as movement inspired from daily movements and gestures
– Is willing to research and possibly perform with their eyes closed
– Who has a good sense of rhythm / is able to play with various rhythms

Task for the video application:
I want you to close your eyes.
And keep them closed throughout the whole time you are moving.
How do you feel when you don’t know what is going to happen?
When you fear the worst outcome possible?
How does your body respond?
What is its natural reaction?
Now you have your eyes closed but what if this was permanent?
How would you feel on your first day without seeing anything?
How does your body feel?

I want to see your instinct movement response to these questions and sentences. Give yourself time to get into it, to really enter the emotional state. Pay attention to the dynamics and rhythm that your body creates.

Frann Schollaert
        My name is Frann Schollaert. I use she/they pronouns and I am 21 years old. Originally I am from Belgium, but now based in The Netherlands. In the first two years I did Dance Academy in the Contemporary Urban profile and in the 3rd year I switched to Bachelor of Choreography. I define myself as a mover, performer and maker.
        I find myself being interested in human based movement. I am curious in how humans move without it necessarily being labeled as ‘dance’. The work I create starts from the individual and it’s often emotional being. That’s why I like to dive into a research process that enters from personal and internal perspectives. I like to title my work as an expressive and intensive in the movement experience. To me it’s important to create from a clear intention and then translate it further into a bodily event.
        I like to work with improvisational based scores. I also approach my creation processes in a more collaborative/co-creative way. Besides that, it’s important for me to work around highlighting the individual and its unique being throughout the process. Lastly, I use both theatrical and physical elements. Using facial expressions, sometimes in an over exaggerated way, is also an integrated aspect within my work. Other elements include: exposure/feeling exposed, madness and chaos, inner clock/timing, music/sound and lip syncing/voice.
        For my graduation piece I want to continue my current research called Broken Bodies. This research starts from my own experiences with labels. With the overall research I question why we as people label. Why is there a need for us to label? The physical entrance to the Broken Bodies research is based on entering and exiting broken forms. These broken forms originate from different experiences with being labeled, labeling and labels. At last, it’s important to mention that I created already some works within this research. Therefore, for those who would be interested in seeing some footage and getting a sense of my work and research, there are clips on my Instagram (@frannschollaert) and full pieces on my YouTube channel.

I search for:
– 1 performer (f/m/x)
– Interns/professionals
– Someone who is interested in researching with both physical and theatrical elements
– Someone who is attracted to exploring improvisation based scores
– Someone  drawn to work in a collaborative/co-creative way
– Someone who resonates with the elements of my work
– Someone who relates or connects to my current research called Broken Bodies.

Task for the video application:
– Broken forms exploration on a score
– Entering/exiting broken forms
– Entering/exiting broken forms with a slow and tensed quality
– Entering/exiting broken norms with a fast and staccato quality

How to apply:
The Open Call takes place online. It consists of one round – sending in a video – and a possible talk afterwards with the selected participants. The talk can be live or online, it will be discussed with the selected people. If you want to apply, follow the steps below:

1) Send an email to
2) As a subject write your name and the person you are applying for. Follow this format: “Participant’s name – choreographer(s) name(s)”. Note, it is possible to apply for both choreographers/makers.
3) Include a link to your video (3-5 minutes) and if it is a private video, make sure to provide the password as well. You can upload the video on Vimeo, YouTube or you can also send it via WeTransfer.
4) Introduction. This can be done via video or text, whatever is more comfortable for you. If you prefer video format, make sure it is around 1-2 minutes and you can put it together with your application video. If you choose for the text, you can simply include it in the email.

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