The School of Disobedience is looking for new encounters, new “unlearning facilitators” who want to run a non-canonical, radical, experimental and critical workshop for our students.

Where: Budapest, Hungary

When: 1 week or 2 weeks between Aug. 2024 – April 2025

Deadline for applications: December 10th, 2023

Length of your workshop:
​You decide: 1 week or 2 weeks

Nb of hours / day:
You decide: Between 2-6h / day

You decide: Only once, between Aug. 2024 – April 2025

Budapest, Hungary

Nb of students:
Max. 10 (between 20-40 years old, but we have no age limit)

Language of your workshop:

You can apply in 6 categories:

1. Theory
(Ex. critical pedagogy, sociology, psychology, geopolitics, dramaturgy…)
You can choose to do a workshop on a short general introduction to a field of study (e.g. philosophy, cultural anthropology…) or you can be more specific and focus on your personal research, either on art or on society from a critical perspective, challenging power dynamics, hegemonic classes, normative behaviors and dominant ideologies.

2. Technique
(Ex. Hungarian folk, roma dances, twerk, krump, k-pop, hip-hop, butoh, kathak, capoeira, kickboxing, tai chi…)
We are looking for dance techniques, movement practices and styles outside the Western canon (street dance, traditional dance, folk dance, internet dance, pop culture, sport…). When thinking about the length of your workshop, please make sure that you include time to share with the students the historical, cultural and socio-political background of the dance you want to teach them. We are also interested in the relationship between the dance you want to teach and your own cultural background.

3. Practice
(Ex. music/sound, creative writing, slam, poetry, dj, mixing, choral, voice, puppet theater…)
You can choose to run a workshop linked to a performing art form (dance, music, theatre, spoken word / lecture, dramaturgy, creative writing, puppetry, performance art…), body practice, for example.

4. Creation “residency” / Project
(Ex. research, creation, composition, repertoire…)
This category is specifically for makers/choreographers/composers who have a creative project in mind and would like to test their ideas, develop their research and progress their creation with our students. Please note that the idea is not to choreograph a piece for our students with a public performance at the end, but to work on your own project in collaboration with our students: take the time to try things out, hold rehearsals, run a thematic laboratory for research and experimentation to gain new insights and perspectives for your piece. Think of this category as a ‘residency’ where you work with our students on your project, rather than a workshop where you teach them.

5. Wellbeing
(Ex. aromatherapy, yoga, relaxation, massage, reflexology, naturopathy…)
Your workshop will be seen as a way of learning to accept and appreciate our bodies, encouraging self-care and self-love, through a healing technique, relaxation technique, manual technique, ritual or care practice, any kind of therapeutic approach.

6. Community
(Ex. tea ceremony, Indian cooking, rainmaking ritual, excursion, hiking, collaborative & co-creating tools, community building & organizing practices…)
Your workshop will be seen as a ‘call to gather’ for friendship, trust and togetherness. It’s about creating safe and generous spaces that go beyond relational aesthetics to include the production of collective knowledge and the sharing of personal experiences, skills, tools and processes.

We are very interested in workshops that are:
– far from western academic canons and/or beauty norms (ex. afro dance class…) ;
– clearly localized and ultra specific (ex. North Albanian folk dances, The guerrilla legacy of the Cuban revolution…) ;
– linked to performance, performing arts, community arts, political activism or critical theories ;
– part of your own cultural background (ex. “The Role of Women in the Italian Mafia” led by a person from Italy…) ;
– radical, outsider, marginal, experimental, courageous, unusual, unconventional, specific (ex. “The history of street gangs in the United States”…) ;
– questioning socio-political contexts, inequalities, power dynamics, social justice, hegemonic class, normative behaviors, dominant ideologies (ex. “The power of krump dancing to transform youth violence”…).

We are less interested in workshops that are:
– not specific enough (ex. “Movement and Rythme”, “Body-Space-Time”…) ;
– not contextualized, and don’t show a clear affiliation with any socio-political question (ex. “Journey of self-discovery”…) ;
– part of the western canonical artistic heritage (classical ballet, Dunham, Graham, Horton, Limon, Cunningham techniques…) without questioning them ;
– following the classic lecture structure, where teachers speak, students listen ;
– promoting a dogmatic, religious, spiritual, political leaning in particular.


– We are looking for applicants with or without degree: we are interested in you, and not in your papers. No need to send us CV, motivation letter, portfolio, showreel… we don’t believe in those things.
– Except for Category 4 (Creation “residency” / Project), please apply only if you have teaching experience, ideally in non-formal education or alternative pedagogies.
– We appreciate risk-takers, people who are not afraid of failing, who are willing to progress, to gain new experiences, and to step out of their comfort zone.​
– If you are a fighter, a warrior, a punk, a dissident, a marginal, an outsider, you should definitely apply.
– We want to build a beautifully cross-cultural team, celebrating diversity in many forms (opinions, culture, race, age, sex, gender, disability…).
– You are very welcome if you don’t make any hierarchy between different types of knowledge, culture, approach, and don’t take any ideology, belief, aesthetic, artistic form or expression as the only best one. We are interested in people who prefer raising questions instead of giving answers. People who celebrate divergence and diversity in terms of thinking, arguing, believing as well. People who accept other point of views and opinions, and agree that it’s okay to disagree 🙂
– No age limit.
– This time we prefer solo applications, rather than proposals from duos / collectives.

– Accommodation in Budapest: individual apartment
– Travel budget: covered up to 150€
– Salary: 300-600€ / week

Application process:
– 1st step: Online Application Form (Fill it out here)
– 2nd step in case of successful pre-selection: Online individual discussion with the program creator, Anna Ádám
– 3rd step in case of successful pre-selection: Students’ final vote (A group of former students make the final selection through a simple voting system)

Application deadline: December 10th, 2023

More about us:
At the intersection of performance art, research, non-formal education, and community activism, the “School of Disobedience” was dreamed up and created by Anna Ádám, as part of her artistic practice. The project is divided into three main interconnected activities: non-canonical and decolonial art education (Performance+Art School), empowerment (Feminist Fight Club), and healing (Summer Camps).
The “School of Disobedience” wants to be a new form of resistance, an anti-fast art, a collective healing garden, an ode for sincerity and courage, a passionate and radical platform for simple actions and small changes.

You keep the copyright of your workshop and will always be credited accordingly.

How to apply:

Contact details:

For further information, please visit