We are looking for a 2 male professional dancer, who has tools of contemporary dance, contact improvisation, for DNAture project/music & dance international performance.

Where: Bäckerei culture center, Innsbruck, Austria

When: September 15-21, 2018

Deadline for applications: August 23, 2018

This is a dance and music improvisation piece where the dancers and musicians meet to explore the
different natural rhythms of female and male aspects on an individual and global scale. This is an opportunity for the artists and the audience to dive in observe and sense the effects of external connections reflected within the body. The audience will be involved in the creative process.
We will be looking into different aspects of nature and human connection, investigating how our living existence with regards to how our DNA, history and culture and the outside environment can affect our inner nature. What is moving within us and what moves us?
What rhythm are we moving to? What are the subtle rhythms that are moving us that we are not aware of all the time? How does this all affect our movement and how does this movement affect us?
“Does time exist? Our brains can create this perspective of life. It doesn’t matter which day, month or year now. If humans were like animals, they wouldn’t have any calendar for comparing life experience and for marking special days. Nothing. Just the “here and now” would exist. For our brain it’s impossible. We invent our own world… What if our brain did not have this function – and only nature? What is hidden in our DNA? How does this affect how our brains perceive life? How far away are we from living our true natural inner nature? How untamed nature becomes chaos. We try to organize and control aspects of life (events that are fixed by memory); we try to put order into the material world and even to structure our inner life… memories that trigger feelings and emotions…?
How can we make the nature inside of us tidy? What is growing inside of us? What is it showing me?

For participants (artists):
We will meet from 15th to 21t of September in Innsbruck to work together min for 5 hours per day. We will work with live music! The location of performance is an old Bakery factory which is now a culture center (Bäckerei culture center Innsbruck).
We will be working on a concrete floor. We will work in space of Bäckerei culture center from 15th to19th and 21st from 9:00-14:00, but for deep bodywork, we will use another free more cosy and matching place for lying on the floor and working with facia.
This time we didn’t get any fundings but we are looking forward to capt on this piece every season (winter, spring, summer) and try to change the score relatively to the season. This time we can’t cover your flights, but we will find for everyone accommodations and every artist will have percent from tickets sold. So you can cover some expenses from this money. When we decide exactly the quantity of participants we can talk precisely about percent.

How to apply

Please, send us your CV (max 1000 characters) and Motivation Letter (max 1500 characters including spaces). To: motion.mode.theatre@gmail.com (only English).

Costs for participants: free

Contact details:

For further information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/mmdtheatre/

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