Visiting Maui? ADT is looking for teaching artists for their 2019 master class series!

Where: Maui, Hawaii

When: 2019

Adaptations Dance Theater, Maui’s professional contemporary dance company, is hosting a series of Master Classes during 2019. ADT’s aim is to expand the connection between the evolving dance community around the world and the island of Maui.

ADT is looking to connect with dance artists visiting or passing through the island of Maui during 2019. Every year millions of people experience the beauty of Hawaii whether to visit, vacation, or catch a breath of fresh air. Of those thousands of people many are movement artists. If you happen to be passing through Maui and are interested in leading a Master Class or workshop with Adaptations Dance Theater, then please get in touch.

We would love to welcome you and have you share your practice with the professional dance community on Maui!

We are only able to cover workshop/class fees, any other travel expenses will need to be covered on your own. This post is intended more for awareness to artists that may already have plans to visit Maui.

If you have any questions or are interested in teaching please get in touch at

For further information, please visit

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