Mediterranean Dance Center is inviting all professional dance artists to apply for a residency in San Vincenti in 2024.

Where: Mediterranean Dance Center, San Vincenti, Croatia

When: between March and November 2024

Deadline for applications: January 10, 2024, at 11:59 pm CET

Mediterranean Dance Center (MDC) San Vincenti functions as a platform for research of dance and movement – offering space and resources for the creation and development of various forms of performances, and as such, for years, brings together numerous artists in various stages of research and creation of their own projects. Located in San Vincenti, the picturesque Istrian renaissance town of only 180 inhabitants, a place with a long tradition of promoting dance and performing arts, MDC offers a supportive and inspiring environment, peace, and isolation with the main goal of ensuring the work processes without distractions.

MDC offers:
– artistic residencies from March to November 2024 for up to five people per project for an individual duration of a single residential stay of normally 7-10 days (if you need a larger number of people/collaborators or a longer stay for the purposes of realizing/researching the project, please explain this in the application)
– living and working in the Center during your stay; the studio measures 9×20 meters. There is a wooden floor (with the possibility of using a black or white dance floor), ordinary working lights (no special equipment), a wardrobe, a storage room, a sanitary facility with a washing machine, and a kitchenette. MDC will host you on the upper floor, an open-space sleeping area overlooking the studio itself.
– covered food costs during the stay.

MDC expects:
– travel expenses must be covered by the artist/group
– an open presentation for the audience at the end of the stay and/or a workshop where the artist (or group) teaches and presents their practice to the local community (proposals of other activities, such as round tables, workshops, and discussions, or performances of another work are welcome)

How to apply:
The application process includes basic information about the project, the applicant, past work, and supporting documents. We invite applicants to, according to their own choice and possibilities, make a donation that will help cover the costs of the application process and, indirectly, the development of the continuous program of the Mediterranean Dance Center.
Application link available here:

Costs for participants: Travel expenses must be covered by the artist/group

Contact details:

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