Play Practice Artists Residency is inviting artists from Movement and performing art disciplines to come to India and work with us in our residency space.

Where: Play Practice Artists Residency, Bangalore, India

When: 1st to 30th June 2022

Deadline for applications: 15th April 2022

Play Practice Artists residency program is offering a residency for artists all over the world. We invite Interdisciplinary movement and performing artists to live and create in a quiet artistic space run by artists from India. We are away from the city and artists will work in a peaceful space for in-depth concentration on research, creative process and refreshing sunny weather in Summer.

The resident artist will have a private room in a shared apartment and access to dance studios. Play Practice Artists residency is primarily a working space for diverse movement artists with the need to go deeper into their work and practice as well as presentation at the end. It is an experience of collaborative living and creation, and the resident will have the opportunity of artistic exchange as well as access to inside information about the dance scene in Bangalore.

To apply, send your CV and project proposal (one page) to :

Costs for participants: 775 euros

For further information, please visit

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